California launches EMPLOYMENT for people without education who speak Spanish;  salary of 24 dollars per hour

California launches EMPLOYMENT for people without education who speak Spanish; salary of 24 dollars per hour

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If you live in the state of California and you want to get a good job where you can get the salary you have always dreamed of, this could be your great opportunity, since through the platform Simply Hired A vacancy has been published where they are looking for people who do not have studies, while they must meet the requirement of speaking in Spanishso it is a great opportunity for Latinos.

The job offer For this position it is as a dishwasher at Marriott International in which you will have to perform cleaning tasks within the hotel located in Anaheim, California, and they are looking to offer training, development and recognition to whoever joins the team.

Some tasks and responsibilities that you must comply with are working with cleaning equipment and tools, washing and disinfecting kitchens, keeping dishes clean with specialized products, classifying containers, taking care of garbage, among others.

Simply Hired

Within the requirements What is requested is that you be bilingual, that is, that you speak Spanish and English, while the benefits that you could obtain are a salary of $23.90 per hour, as well as a retirement plan, life insurance, flexible expenses, paid time off, to name a few.

What you need to know about this job in California


  • Operate and maintain cleaning equipment and tools, including dishwasher, hand wash stations, pot scrubbing station, and trash compactor.
  • Wash and disinfect the kitchen area and storage room, tables, utensils, knives and equipment.
  • Receive deliveries, store perishable products properly, and rotate stock.
  • Ensure clean dishes are stored in appropriate areas.
  • Use detergent, disinfectant, and rinse chemicals in the 3-compartment sink to wash dishes.
  • Inspect, remove and stack clean items, send dirty items back to be scrubbed and washed again.
  • Place all items on the racks and apply hot water with a spray bottle to loosen and remove food debris.
  • Sort, soak and wash/rewash cutlery.
  • Sort and separate containers for dirty items.
  • Empty garbage cans and maintain the garbage deposit area.
  • Clean and mop all areas in assigned departments.
  • Dispose of glass in appropriate containers.
  • Break up cardboard boxes and other recyclable items and put them in the recycling bin.


  • Speak Spanish.
  • Obey all company safety policies and procedures; report accidents, injuries and hazardous work conditions to manager, complete safety training and certifications.
  • Move, lift, carry, push, drag and place objects weighing 50 pounds (22.5 kg) or less without assistance.
  • Standing, sitting, or walking for long periods of time.
  • Reach above head and below knees, including stooping, twisting at the waist, dragging and leaning.


  • Salary $23.90 per hour
  • Medical attention
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Paid time off and/or sick leave
  • Life insurance
  • Disability coverage
  • Other work-life wellness benefits

If you are interested in this job vacancy in California to work at the Marriott hotel chain and you meet the aforementioned requirements, you can apply for this job through the Simply Hired website, where you will have to create your own account and log in to be able to continue with the entire due process with the company.

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