Camilo and Evaluna showed their daughter’s face

Camilo and Evaluna showed their daughter’s face

By mistake! Evaluna and Camilo revealed the face of her daughter, Indigo. The singing couple has tried not to reveal the girl’s face publicly, but by another person, a video was leaked on the TikTok social network where you can see the little girl, who was hidden for seven months after birth.

The famous couple explained long ago why they did not want to expose Indigo to the public light. Camilo and Evaluna pointed out that they want the newborn to decide, when she is older, if she wants to be a public figure, said Sonica.

The celebrities captivated their loyal followers on social networks with the birth, last April, of their first-born Indigo, who came into this world as the fruit of their love. From the first moment, the singers expressed the happiness that filled them to have the baby with them, considering that it was their first experience as parents.


In the video you can see Camilo carrying his daughter at an airport. Users criticized the publication for not respecting the privacy of people, not famous.

Some followers of the couple pointed out that Indigo already looks very big and that she looks identical to the Montaner family but especially to Evaluna, a situation that has attracted a lot of attention. many condemned the action of the user when taking her image, since it is violating the privacy of the artists.

It should be remembered that until now both Camilo and Evaluna had focused on showing their daughter from behind on social networks, avoiding showing her tender face. In the end, and despite her efforts, the little girl’s face was already posted online. Despite this, neither of them has spoken on social networks about it.

According to the information, the couple is in Medellín, as Camilo continues to present his most recent production “De adentro pa’ fuera”, on a tour that has given him satisfaction such as playing at the Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid, Spain, before 40,000 spectators as part of the Hispanic Day celebrations that took place in October.

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