Can I get a US Green Card if I witnessed a crime?  This is what the experts say

Can I get a US Green Card if I witnessed a crime? This is what the experts say

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Generally, be witness Crime can be a challenging and dangerous experience. However, giving police testimony is essential in countless cases; And therefore, USA grants the benefit of a Green Card those who are considered suitable within the classification ‘Permanent Residence for Informant (Non-Immigrant S.)’ In other words: anyone who has witnessed a crime that is considered serious and a priority to solve, can be granted CASI residency for automatically.

What is Permanent Residence for Informant (Nonimmigrant S)?

As cited by the Citizenship and Immigration Service USA (USCIS) this type of permanent residence It is offered as a means of protection for those who have met certain terms of testimony; while they were in the country under the classification of Nonimmigrant S. Therefore, Nonimmigrant S is an individual who has properly cooperated with a law enforcement agency, either as witness or as a key informant during the investigation and/or prosecution of a crime.

Nonimmigrant S collaboration involves providing valuable and truthful data that leads to the arrest of guilty criminals. Thus, to begin the process of applying for permanent residence, it is necessary that the law enforcement agency that initially requested the S status of the witnesssubmit a request on your behalf. Said agency may be federal, state or one of the United States Attorneys’ Offices. USA. In the end, the agency will be in charge of sending the Green Card to the interested party.

Steps to obtain a Green Card for those who witnessed a crime

It should be noted that the family members of the main Nonimmigrant S can also apply for permanent residence if they are eligible. This offers an opportunity for family unity for those who have collaborated with the authorities. However, everyone should make sure they are in constant communication with the public agency they have helped. Broadly speaking, this will be your ally from start to finish, and together you must follow the following steps to obtain the Green Card:

  • Present the Form I-854
  • Provide evidence that the witness or informant has fulfilled all of his or her obligations as a Nonimmigrant S
  • Report all possible causes of inadmissibility of the individual (if any)
  • Present the Form I-485
  • Provide documentation required by USCIS (including passport photographs, copy of birth certificate, medical report, etc.)
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