Canada launches employment for Latinos with a salary of $23 per hour

Canada launches employment for Latinos with a salary of $23 per hour

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Canada launches employment for himatinosthe salary offered is 23 dollars per hourthis job position is a permanent job to work full-time, the hours planned for this job are to cover 40-hour days per week. According to the information provided by the employer, it is requested that the interested person be willing to join this job position as soon as possible.

The position offered is as a baker, the person who is interested in this job You must be willing to start working very early in the morning and be able to cover shifts that cover schedules during the day, including schedules in the afternoon, at night, and on weekends. One of the requirements What is requested is that the interested party masters the English language and feels comfortable working in the pastry area.

In the performance of this job, The baker will be in charge of preparing dough for cakes, breads, buns, cookies, frostings and special bakery at the request of customers. You will be responsible for monitoring the availability of supplies for the preparation of products, training staff to handle food, supervising bakery and kitchen staff, developing production schedules, operating kitchen machinery and also ensuring that the quality of products meets the required quality standards.

Additional information for this vacancy in Canada

To apply to this vacant of employment, the applicant is required to have experience of between 2 and 3 years in a similar job position, the salary offered is 23 dollars per hour. Another of the requirements indicated by the employer is that the applicant must have a high school certificate or equivalent. For this workplace Looking for an organized person with excellent communication skills.

To apply for this offer job, The interested party must comply with some requirements physical skills such as tolerating work under pressure, being able to stand for prolonged periods, being willing to stand for long periods of time, having the ability to work in a fast-paced environment and responding to work under pressure, having manual dexterity, and having the ability to perform repetitive tasks. If you meet the requested requirements and are interested in this job opportunity, apply directly by clicking here.

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