Carin León responds to accusations of inciting drug use with a song – El Diario NY

Carin León responds to accusations of inciting drug use with a song – El Diario NY

After the controversial statements of Carin Leon In recent days, the same Mexican singer has “used” his social networks to “clarify” the situation in the way he performs best: through his music.

It is worth remembering that just a few days ago, the interpreter of “La Boda del Huitlacoche” performed before more than 15 thousand people at the Fernando Valenzuela stadium in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora.

During a short period of the concert, and before singing his next song, the artist gave himself the opportunity to “speak” to the audience through a statement that seemed intended to justify the same message.

We are not an example, we are musicians and we live from what we do, we like music. Don’t compare us or try to make an example of us, but the truth with this song makes me feel like taking a piss, which is what it is. Like any good Hermosillo native. Why am I going to tell you no, if yes? And anyone who doesn’t like it is their problem, no way. Up with Mexican music, up with the shrink, up with drunkenness!”

Carin Leon

Carin León posing on a red carpet.
Carin León is preparing to release a new song.
Credit: Mezcalo

What did Carin León say about her statement?

After the viralization of the declaration of Liona large number of users, on various social networks, attacked the singer by pointing out that he motivated the public to consume drugs.

Another sector, on the other hand, took what León said as a joke, pointing out that the singer was drunk, so he was not aware of what he said.

Carín León performing in a concert.

However, and to try to lessen the impact of his statement, the Mexican revealed, through his social networks, the preview of his new song, which does not reveal its full title since the same post only reads “When Life Be…”.

In this preview, the Sonoran artist narrates the life of a person who calls himself the black sheep of the family, and who usually gets into various problems due to his way of being.

Although the publication does not have any other message, there is no doubt that the small clip works as a kind of response from Lion before his controversial statement. It should be noted that in the final part of the song, you can hear the same phrase that the singer mentioned during his much talked about concert last weekend: “I didn’t come to be an example to follow, I am the way I am, mommy wanted a good man.” ”.

After the publication of the first preview of the new song by Carin Leona large number of followers and fans of the singer have commented on their enthusiasm for hearing the composition. Even artists like Luis Fonsi They did not hesitate to react to the Mexican issue by writing: How hard!

So far, the exact release date of Carin León’s new song has not yet been revealed.

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