Tifa and Aerith from Final Fantasy release “craving” figure H

Tifa and Aerith from Final Fantasy release “craving” figure H

The company Light And Dust Studio presented a new double figure inspired by two of the most popular girls in the franchise final fantasyin this case Tifa Lockhart and Aerith Gainsborough, being that this not only came to the surprise of the most fans for having these “waifus”, but there are several striking aspects. Among some of them we have the style with which they are recreated, along with the pose where they are displayed, since this product is type H.

Final Fantasy fans fall in love with this new double figure of Tifa and Aerith

Tifa And Aerith From Final Fantasy Release “Antojadora” Figure HTifa And Aerith From Final Fantasy Release “Antojadora” Figure H

With the recent departure of Final Fantasy VII Rebiththe saga is very active on social networks, but especially the girls who are part of the story, where they stand out so much Tifa Lockhart as Aerith Gainsborough, mainly for its undeniable beauty. That is why companies that create merchandise launch many products for sale, and this new double figure surprised fans for different reasons, from the fact that these “waifus” star in the collection piece or the materials used, in This case of very high quality.

This double figure in turn has a great change in both girls, in this case at the level of the clothing they have, since we will not see Tifa with her white top, with a black skirt and gloves on each hand, or Aerith wearing her cute white dress with a red vest. And these figures present the “waifus” of final fantasyusing both swimsuits with different designs: first Tifa with a two-piece one and Aerith with a full-body one, both stylized to better represent both their bodies.

But without a doubt the highlight of this double product is that it has its own H version, which, for those who do not know this style, presents us with “uncovered” girls, leaving aside the garments mentioned above, to be able to see first-hand all of her “feminine essence” without any type of barriers. Furthermore, to further increase the “appetizing” degree of the figures, we see that Tifa and Aerith are displayed very close to each other, so fans of final fantasy You will have more than one reason to get this product.

Tifa And Aerith From Final Fantasy Release “Antojadora” Figure HTifa And Aerith From Final Fantasy Release “Antojadora” Figure H

For those interested in acquiring this new double figure of the girls belonging to the video game saga final fantasy, Tifa Lockhart and Aerith Gainsborough, this is available for purchase on different websites that are dedicated to the sale of these products for a price of around $511 dollars. In addition, this figure has a 1/4 scale and the estimated launch date is established for the third quarter of the year 2024, which makes up the months of July until September.

final fantasy It is undoubtedly one of the most important sagas that exist within the RPG genre, but its relevance expands to the world of gaming in general, with many of its titles being considered some of the best that exist in this medium. Although the franchise premiered at the end of the 80s, it continues to release titles today, the most recent being the second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, in this case called Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This game is already considered one of the best releases of the year so far, even aiming to be crowned the best game of 2024.

Tifa Lockhart Final FantasyTifa Lockhart Final Fantasy

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