Carlo Ancelotti is cautious against Bayern Munich in the Champions League – La Opinion

Carlo Ancelotti is cautious against Bayern Munich in the Champions League – La Opinion

He real Madrid arrived in Munich with the peace of mind that they are in a very good moment to face the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals this Tuesday against Bayern, a rival that the merengue coach, Carlo Ancelottihe has a lot of respect for him.

The experienced Italian strategist spoke this Monday at the press conference prior to the match against the Germans, whom he considers particularly complicated taking into account the ups and downs they have had in the local championship but which they have known how to counteract at the European level.

“We trust. “We have a lot of respect for this team, which has not had a fantastic season in the Bundesliga, but they had a spectacular tie against Arsenal, they played very well in both games, and we have to look at that.”assessed the technical director of the merengue team.

Real Madrid's technical director, Carlo Ancelotti, during a team training session this Monday in Germany.
Real Madrid’s technical director, Carlo Ancelotti, during the merengue team’s first training session this Monday in Germany before the duel against Bayern Munich.

“We have to take into account the quality, the history of this club, which is more or less the history we have, and the history in the Champions League counts for a lot”‘Carletto’ highlighted, taking his predictions for what will be the first match of the series against the Germans.

Beyond the emotional aspect, Carlo Ancelotti also highlighted the game presented by Bayern Munich, which this season in the Bundesliga saw its iron dominance end at the hands of Bayer Leverkusen thanks to the sensation coach this season, Xabi Alonso.

“They are very strong in transitions; They have very fast players; “They are a team that can play in a different way, with high pressure, with a low block… We are two teams that do not have a very clear identity, we can play the games in different ways.”considered the Italian.

Real Madrid's offense will fall once again on Brazilian star Vinicius Júnior (back) and English star Jude Bellingham.
In the semifinal series against Bayern Munich, Real Madrid’s offense will once again fall on the Brazilian star Vinicius Júnior (back) and the English star Jude Bellingham.

The Real Madrid coach emphasized that for this match there will be no major surprises in what the Madrid team has been doing in this competition in which they have just left Manchester City on the road in an exciting definition in the quarterfinals.

“Each team has its characteristics, we have to evaluate well, without losing our identity, which is quite clear. We need all the characteristics that we have shown this season tomorrow (Tuesday): defend very well, avoid counterattacks and attack well.”noted the strategist.

“In a semi-final you have to play a complete game, you can’t fail in some things”said Ancelotti, who traveled to Munich with the entire squad, including injured players like David Alaba to appeal for team unity at a momentous moment of the season.

“Real Madrid is never undervalued in this competition, everyone knows what Real Madrid can do. We feel a lot of respect for us in this competition from everyone”closed the Italian.

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