La Casa de los Famosos 4: Lupillo Rivera assures that he will sue Maripily, Romeh and Ariadna – El Diario NY

La Casa de los Famosos 4: Lupillo Rivera assures that he will sue Maripily, Romeh and Ariadna – El Diario NY

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Lupillo Rivera was positioned on Sunday, April 28, in front of Maripily Rivera and Rodrigo Romehbut on this occasion it was concise and to the point, setting a precedent both within The House of the Famous 4 as in front of the public that follows the Telemundo show.

The renowned performer responded to all the criticism and accusations he has been receiving from Romeh and Maripily by assuring that once the reality show ends, he will continue watching them because he will file a defamation lawsuit, based on the laws of Miami. This lawsuit will not only be against Rivera and Romeh, but also against Ariadna Gutiérrez.

Here are Lupillo’s positions against Maripily and Romeh:

Let us remember that many fans of the reality show have always pointed out that Lupillo had to be brave in the dynamics of positioning. In recent weeks, asking Lupillo to position himself in front of those he considers to be his “enemies” within this game, were part of the “daily bread” on social networks. And now that he’s done it, public response is divided.

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Just as there are those who applaud it, there are also others who are rejecting it, basically ensuring that Maripily does not deserve the treatment that the singer is giving her, who simply does not speak to her, ignores her and now it is very clear that he will seek to sue her, because he considers that the mistreatment that everyone has received from her within the reality show was enough.

She even highlighted that the Puerto Rican has done things within the game, that if a man had done them, he would have already been eliminated from the game from the first week, because they could well have been considered harassment and exhibitionism.

Some agree with Lupillo, others consider that he stopped being a gentleman by blaming “Hurricane Boricua” for this. The conversation has generated a very strong division of opinions. Because there are those who claim that this has already become a gender struggle where what a woman does is understood and forgiven, while what a man does is sanctioned and sentenced.

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