Cecilia Galliano dyes blonde and is showered with compliments on Instagram |  PHOTOS

Cecilia Galliano dyes blonde and is showered with compliments on Instagram | PHOTOS



It is a secret to no one that Cecilia Galliano She has become one of the most beloved celebrities in the world. Mexican televisionbut his personality and beauty have flooded each of the projects in which it is located, but through its Instagram accountthe model also surprised everyone with radical change of look which without a doubt has delighted its 2.5 million followers in said platform, so presume blonde hair and fans go out of their way to compliment the star.

At 42 years of age, the presenter She never ceases to surprise everyone with her unmatched personality and beauty, as her impressive 1.80 height makes her one of the most beautiful women. attractive and sought after of TV, because in addition to being a mother of two teenagers, is one of the few women that can boast of a figure of envyand the best of all is her most recent look, the same one with which she has left everyone with their mouths open.

It has been through the image platform of the META universe, instagram, where the driving star showed off her most recent style where she can be seen with a blonde hair, Pure, apparently it is a new facet in the life of the actress, because in addition to making herself look provocative and spectacular, the fans did not lose their chance to applaud this new look change which many claim is a personification for some new project.

Photo: IG / ceci_galliano

“Even if it’s just for acting, you look beautiful, why don’t you make it permanent”; “Impossible, not wanting to have the privilege of going out with you. Beautiful woman in every sense”; “Beautiful ceci_galliano, you are an eternally beautiful woman, beautiful”; “always looking beautiful friend Ceci Galliano greetings”; “If you are beautiful in green, imagine yourself as a mature woman”; “I know she’s a wig, but I think the blonde look would look good on you,” were some of the comments left by her thousands of followers.

Who is Cecilia Galliano’s partner?

It is important to mention that in addition to its new hair style, The actress surprised everyone by posting on the image a #singlegirl hashtag, so thousands of people began to question their emotional situation, Well, let’s remember that within your love history There are some famous people, and despite looking more sensual and beautiful than ever, it is impossible to believe that he is without any commitment.

It is worth mentioning that in the love history of the comedian there are names like those of Sebastian Rulli and Mark Tacher; and first of all, the Argentine actor is the father of his son Santiago, who has proven to be the perfect combination of two famous, and even though they have been separated for several years, the relationship between them is quite tense, since they do not miss the opportunity to comment on each other.

Photo: IG / ceci_galliano

While in the Mark Tacher case, Well, their courtship lasted five years, but during this period, they had a brief separation between 2014 and 2015, but later they decided to terminate it permanently without disclosing the reasons, and later it was she who made it known and admitted to having been unfaithful to the Mexican from the currently 46 years old.


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