Chiquis Rivera raises the temperature with revealing outfit for the launch of her album ‘Diamantes’ – El Diario NY

Chiquis Rivera raises the temperature with revealing outfit for the launch of her album ‘Diamantes’ – El Diario NY

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Singer Chiquis Rivera He raised the temperature on Instagram by sharing the photographs he took for his album ‘Diamonds’.

These images, taken by her fiancé Emilio Sánchez, have garnered countless reactions on Instagram, the majority praising the image of the ‘Between Kisses and Cups’ interpreter.

“God bless you and the angels protect you. Many blessings and successes”, “I am the diamond that does not lose its shine”, “Mamacita”, were some of the messages they left for the regional Mexican music performer.

In the photos she wore a daring shiny bodysuit, which made her assets stand out. In addition to her, there was a mischievous image in which Emilio Sánchez is seen holding her by her buttocks.

In another she wore a silver outfit with her characteristic hat, giving it a lot of shine without forgetting her Mexican touch.

What is ‘Diamantes’, Chiquis Rivera’s new album, about?

Recently, the famous woman offered an interview to Telemundo in which she talked about how she feels right now and the projects she has prepared for her audience: “I’m looking forward to life right now. “That’s something to see because I’m shining from the inside out and that’s what this ‘Diamonds Tour’ is all about.”

In this sense, he added: “The process is always a little difficult, it’s a little uncomfortable, but I feel that everything I’ve been through, everything I’ve experienced has been worth it, that’s why I named this tour and the album ‘Diamonds’ because in addition to wanting record songs that are diamonds, because diamonds are forever.”

In the statement, she explained that she is now much more sure of what she is doing with her art and that is something she managed to learn over time: “Now I believe it, I know that I am here because God wants me here.”

She also commented that now people not only see her as Jenni Rivera’s daughter, but they recognize her work as a singer: “I love that they are seeing me as Chiquis, that is what we have been working so hard to achieve.”

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