These are the plants you should have at home to scare away scorpions

These are the plants you should have at home to scare away scorpions

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Without a doubt, one of the animals The most feared and that usually live in our house both inside and outside are the scorpionswhich have a bad reputation for their bites They are usually very painful, in addition to the fact that their poison can also represent a significant danger to our life and health, so we must be very careful, especially when it is the hot or rainy season.

And these animals are experts in finding the best hiding places inside our homes, but also in the gardens, so this can increase the risk of being stungsince some of the places where they are usually found are inside shoes or even clothes.

The presence of these arachnids can have strong consequences when one of our family members is bitten and suffers from allergic reactions that can be very serious for the person. healththat is why today we will give you some tips to scare them away with the help of some floors.


The plants with which you can keep scorpions away from your garden

Now, we will let you know the secret weapon to combat scorpions in a natural way, since we will only need to have some of these three plants or all, to be able keep the animals awaysince they have the great power of being repellent and in this simple way we can say goodbye to them.


One of the plants that is mostly used in food, drinks, sweets and even dental or body products is mintwhich stands out for its strong smell, so this element will help us combat scorpions and you can simply place them in pots and you will see how effective it is.

Although for cats it is one of their favorite aromas and they tend to be very attracted to it, for scorpions it is a nightmare, it is the Nepeta Catarinaalso known as Catnip, which will help you keep them away thanks to its characteristic smell that felines love.


One of the most popular plants thanks to its properties that help us relax through aromas or even with tea is the lavenderbut for scorpions this smell is quite unpleasant, so it will be ideal to place it at strategic points in your house such as the entrances.

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