Christian Nodal moves to Miami and raises rumors about a possible rift with Cazzu – El Diario NY

Christian Nodal moves to Miami and raises rumors about a possible rift with Cazzu – El Diario NY

The recent trip of Christian Nodal, cazzu and his little daughter named Intito the city of Paris, France, which was evidenced through a large number of photographs on the Instagram accounts of both artists, made clear the great moment that the young family is experiencing as well as the love that unites the Latin singers. .

However, despite the rumors of a new pregnancy, new rumors suggest that the Mexican could have distanced himself from the Argentine artist due to her recent installation in the city of MiamiFlorida, without the company of his partner and daughter.

The above was confirmed by a variety of videos where the “Botella Tras Botella” singer is seen on top of a boat with various friends. Given this, a large number of users have pointed out that while Mexicans have fun and relax in the American city, cazzu and Inti They are in Argentina, the city where the entire family lived until recently.

Are Christian Nodal and Cazzu estranged?

Although the move Nodal to the city of Miami does not precisely indicate a preamble about a possible separation of cazzu and his daughter, it is worth remembering that in recent weeks, the singer revealed the great impact that Inti’s arrival into his life generated to the point of changing his life.

Due to the above, various Internet users have pointed out that it is “strange” to see the interpreter, for several days, without his family.

Belinda posing.

After the diversity of rumors and theories about a possible separation, several users approached the journalist Mandy Fridmanwho has a fairly close relationship with the couple, to ask him about the supposed distance between the singers.

When asked “Is it true that cazzu and Nodal They separated? now live Nodal in Miami”, the journalist responded clearly and directly: “Lie… She is also moving to Miami soon.”

Christian Nodal and Cazzu posing.
Christian Nodal and Cazzu recently traveled to Paris, France, with their daughter Inti.
Credit: Mezcalo

It is worth mentioning that the same Fridman revealed in previous weeks, after the large number of rumors about a new pregnancy cazzuthat the Argentine was not expecting a new baby after the arrival of Inti in 2023.

In addition to the above, the journalist also mentioned that the Latin couple does not intend to “expand” the family since their goal is to concentrate on their artistic careers as well as give all their attention and love to little Inti.

Following the release of his recent collaboration with Resident “Pólvora de Ayer”, as well as his work with Border Group “Ya Pedo Quien Sabe”, the Mexican singer is preparing to release a new album this year. In the case of cazzuthe Argentine recently revealed that she is also working on new music after temporarily “retiring” from the industry after the birth of her daughter.

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