Adrián Di Monte sued Sandra Itzel for “family violence” and she sends a strong message – El Diario NY

Adrián Di Monte sued Sandra Itzel for “family violence” and she sends a strong message – El Diario NY

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For months now, actor Adrián Di Monte has been facing strong accusations from Sandra Itzel, with whom he had a decade-long romantic relationship and which he described this Tuesday on ‘Hoy Día’ as toxic. At the same time, He decided to take legal action against her and the Mexican did not hesitate to respond.

The abuser denounced me… When I thought I couldn’t sink any lower, he showed that I could, to this day you still want to violate me.… BUT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO IT BECAUSE I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU… Let the show begin, I AM STRONGER THAN EVER… I GO WITH GOD AND THE TRUTH IN FRONT OF ME,” was the message that accompanied the video uploaded to Instagram.

Itzel has strongly denied the accusations and has stated that it is all a strategy to publicly discredit her. In addition, she has assured that she has also been a victim of attacks by Di Monte in the past.

“I’m not afraid of you. I go with a shield in front of me called Almighty God and above all with the truth. I am a fair person who loves laws, you have nothing against me. For me it is years, years of violence of all kinds, psychological, sexual, physical, economic and there are years of evidence, folders and folders. He who laughs last laughs best. The only thing you achieved with this is to demonstrate the kind of person you are,” was part of what he stated in the audiovisual.

Statement from Adrián Di Monte

“For facts possibly constituting the crime of family violence, issuing the Public Ministry with protective measures so that Ms. SIEO refrains from carrying out any type of physical or moral violence and from carrying out conduct or acts of annoyance against my safeguard their physical and mental integrity,” reads a statement shared on por TV and novels.

“As various legal proceedings are open, Any information in this regard will be through the undersigned, in order to avoid the disclosure of information by Mr. Adrián Di Monte that could affect the outcome of the ongoing legal proceedings,” the letter adds.

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