Christian Nodal shows off luxurious diamond teeth – El Diario NY

Christian Nodal shows off luxurious diamond teeth – El Diario NY


In the midst of her makeover, Christian Nodal He has once again made himself noticed, this time for showing off luxurious new teeth, adorned with diamonds.

The Mexican jewelry Braggao uploaded a video where the singer appears showing off his new teeth, composed of diamonds and details like hearts embedded in some of the pieces.

“Express your unique style through our personalized pieces, designed exclusively for you,” they wrote on social networks.

The “No Te Contaron Mal” singer not only got one, but three dentures done. One of them with pink diamonds and the other with white diamonds.

“Each diamond is meticulously set to create a piece that stands out in every smile,” the jewelry store added in its Instagram post.

Watch Nodal’s video here

Nodal, 25, has been the subject of attention in recent weeks for her change of look, which includes a new hairstyle and the decision to hide his facial tattoos.

The Mexican regional singer’s decision to make changes to his appearance stems from the birth of his daughter Inti, a product of his relationship with the Argentine singer Cazzu.

Days ago, Christian Nodal himself was in charge of publishing a series of photographs in which he looks different.

In these images, which were part of the promotional campaign for his upcoming releases, Nodal appears without his classic tattoos on his face in addition to wearing a slimmer build and younger appearance.

Faced with these postcards, a large number of users could not help but be surprised and enchanted by the singer’s new image, even mentioning that he had a slight resemblance to the American actor Johnny Depp.

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