Concacaf replicates the success of the W Gold Cup and now announces the W Champions Cup 2024-2025 – La Opinion

Concacaf replicates the success of the W Gold Cup and now announces the W Champions Cup 2024-2025 – La Opinion

The authorities of the North, Central America and Caribbean Confederation (Concacaf) do not want to stop taking advantage of the great media and sporting success that the first edition of the Gold Cup W and for this reason, they announced this Tuesday the holding of the first W Champions Cup with the participation of eleven squads in its preliminary stage and of which, with the elimination of the teams from Canada and El Salvador, there will be ten participants in the phase of groups.

The dates for this contest were announced in a press release by Concacaf where it is detailed that the competition of the first W Champions Cup will begin in August, September and October of this year and whose culmination will be in May 2025 when the grand final of this event will be played, which will be verified from now on.

The great incentive of this regional competition will be that it will be the only way for teams in the area to qualify for the first Women’s World Cup of Clubs that FIFA has committed to organizing in the near future.

Once the participants of the group stage have been defined, they will compete to give way to four centralized semifinals and a grand final that will take place in the month of May 2025 and that will obviously reveal the best squad in this area.

The competition will be played annually between 11 clubs from Member Associations that meet Concacaf’s eligibility criteria. Clubs will be classified through their national leagues based on sporting merit using criteria that must be proposed by their member association and ratified by Concacaf. Qualification places are allocated to member associations as follows:

According to the details released, the format of the Concacaf Champions Cup W will include a Preliminary Round (club from Canada against club from El Salvador) followed by a Group Phase that will consist of two groups of five teams, and each The team will play a total of four group stage matches (two at home; two away) in August, September and October. At the end of the group stage, the top two clubs in each group will advance to a centralized final four event to be played in May.

The president of Concacaf highlights the growth of women’s soccer

About this new competition, the president of Concacaf and vice president of FIFA, Victor Montagliani. took advantage of the situation to highlight the growth of women’s soccer in the soccer area that she heads: “When we launched our Concacaf W women’s soccer strategy in 2019, we focused on creating an improved calendar of national team competitions that would benefit all of our member associations. , and in providing opportunities for women and girls to develop a passion for football at all levels of the sport,” he explained.

Imago 1485057
The Águilas del América are another of the Mexican teams that will have the opportunity to fight for a place in the FIFA World Cup of Champions W. Photo: Diego Padilla/Imago7.

He added: “We have made significant progress in those areas, although there is still much work to do, and the growth of leagues and clubs is an important next phase in our strategy. The W Champions Cup will provide a tremendous sporting opportunity for Concacaf clubs, and we look forward to the first edition kicking off in August of this year, crowning a first champion in May 2025 and paving an exciting path to the new FIFA Women’s Club . World Cup”, concluded the leader.

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