Wendy Guevara is the first Mexican trans woman to be the image of MAC Cosmetics!  – 24 hours

Wendy Guevara is the first Mexican trans woman to be the image of MAC Cosmetics! – 24 hours

The content creator, Wendy Guevaracaptivated his followers after announcing that it is the first Mexican trans woman in being the image of an important makeup brand.

After it was announced a few days ago that Yeri Mua had fulfilled one of her dreams: working for the prestigious Canadian makeup brand, MAC Cosmetics. This March 10, the winner of La Casa de los Famosos surprised her followers after announcing that she has also become part of the ranks of celebrities who have collaborated with the cosmetics company.

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Through her Instagram account, the Guanajuato native shared a series of images to announce that MAC selected her as the first Mexican transgender woman representative.

In these photos, the member of Las Perdidas is seen posing with a double bun hairstyle and loose hair, with a black vinyl raincoat, while modeling the lipstick for which she collaborated.

As detailed in the description of the image reel, the color of the lipstick is pink, in the tone Candy Yum Yum.

Which belongs to the new MAC Cximal Silky Matte Lipstick

“Babiesssss…do you like this color? “I loved it!” said Guevara.

As expected, the news was well received among her followers and the LGBTQI+ community, who fondly remembered her first “pins” in the world of makeup, and now she is an “expert.” So much so that she was considered in the big leagues of makeup waiting.


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“Where do I deposit my tears of pride?

“And let them endure the nothingness they experience”

“When they ask what your contribution is, it is this, breaking with discrimination, opening the way for all the people who are different but who decide to be themselves and happy, changing minds, here are thousands of people wanting to buy that lipstick because you @soywendyguevaraoficial You are using it and promoting it.”

“Everything to see”


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