Consuelo Duval undergoes emergency surgery;  What is her health status TODAY March 25, 2024

Consuelo Duval undergoes emergency surgery; What is her health status TODAY March 25, 2024


A few hours ago, it was announced that Consuelo Duval It had to be hospitalized to be able to undergo major surgery on one of her organs, it was the actress herself who reported on her health condition through social networks so that they knew what had happened, since they had to remove the gallbladder for a problem that had been going on for a long time and that has been addressed until now.

The comedian reported from the hospital bed while announcing that they were about to discharge her this Sunday after the successful operation in which she they removed the gallbladdersince he had problems with it for several months, but he had to wait for the surgery due to work issues.

The star is currently on tour in the play “Why Do Men Love Bitches?” and that’s when she started having trouble with her, so she had to postpone your operation because he had several dates sold out and wanted to do his job.

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Consuelo Duval undergoes gallbladder surgery, how is she feeling?

The host of “Netas Divinas” assured that it was not an emergency operation, since it had already been scheduled since last January, but as we said, she had to postpone it until March because her work schedule did not allow her, this under the care and recommendations from your doctor.

“I’m already cured, yes, they removed my gallbladder, if it was full of mud, it was a little bit like exploding and then I didn’t count it anymore…”, indicated the actress.

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Fortunately, the protagonist of “La Familia P.Luche” is already recovering from home and in the company of her dogs and is now in much better health, as she highlighted that gallbladder was about to burst, which could have been very dangerous for her.

“I feel very good, a little sick, but good. Feeling spoiled and spoiled, but (good)…” she added.

Likewise, this Monday, March 25, Consuelo Duval reappeared through her Instagram account to talk more about her state of health and fortunately everything went well, since she had no complications, although she does not feel in the best of spirits and thanked all those who worried about his health.


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