Could Red Bull fire Christian Horner amid its Formula 1 scandal?  – The opinion

Could Red Bull fire Christian Horner amid its Formula 1 scandal? – The opinion

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The world of Formula 1 continues to be the clear focus and the one that currently shines the most and remains clearly intrigued and anxious. with what have been the recent events that have placed the until now head of Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner, in check regarding his permanence in the Austrian team, after a series of controversies that have become increasingly bigger and that They have affected both his personal life and that of the director of one of the most important teams in recent years in the highest category of professional motorsport.

The controversy escalated further after Tom Rubython, editor-in-chief of Formula One Business F1 Trade Magazinemade known that he had been threatened by the British’s lawyers after the publication of an extensive 19 page report about the Horner case.

Horner would be losing space at Red Bull

To the aforementioned, information that was also published by the site must be added. F1 Insiderwho indicated that Horner’s leadership at the head of Red Bull Racing could be reaching its last days.

More problems for Horner

The events during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, where Horner appeared once again in the company of his wife, Geri Halliwell, have made the rumors much stronger about the possibility that the team’s Thai majority shareholders have the possibility of “separating from Horner” on the table. According to F1 Insider, the sexual accusations against the British leader have significantly damaged Red Bull’s image, especially in the US market, where “calls to boycott Red Bull by influential women’s rights activists have increased.” women”.

Horner and Red Bull could be much more affected if the employee who accused the team director of inappropriate behavior, who was also removed from the Red Bull work team, made the decision to make the investigation into her case public.

Despite the turbulent outlook, internal discussions between Red Bull Racing’s main shareholders could have different points of view when making a final decision about Christian Horner. On the one hand, there is a possibility that Horner will not be present at the next race in Australia (Sunday, March 24), while, on the other, Chalerm Yoodivhya, the company’s main shareholder with a 51% stake, and who has has been a key ally of Horner during this crisis, he has held several meetings with the rest of the team’s leaders in which Horner’s dismissal is not mentioned at all.

The Telegraph quoted a Red Bull Racing spokesperson as saying: “As Christian has said, he is grateful for the full support of shareholders and that remains the case.”

Although Horner was cleared of initial allegations of misconduct on February 28Red Bull is facing a tough crisis of its image and also its internal leadership that could have quite serious consequences.

The Verstappen clan is part of the controversy

World champion Max Verstappen has seen one of his allies come under internal investigation at the team, being the case of Helmut Marko instead of Horner, one more indication of the internal fractures of the team. Jos Verstappen, father of the champion and influential figure within the team, has even publicly asked for Horner’s resignation.

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