Cowboy Bebop joins Overwatch 2 in fantastic collaboration

Cowboy Bebop joins Overwatch 2 in fantastic collaboration

If animes that are considered cult there is no doubt that we will talk about the classic Cowboy Bebop, the story of the most fabulous group of bounty hunters that immerses us in a series of intergalactic adventures and that today, after a long time, surprises us again with great news. This is a wonderful collaboration with the popular video game Overwatch.

Cowboy Bebop arrives in the Overwatch 2 universe

For video game fans it is important that their favorite titles are constantly changing and improving in various aspects, and of course one of the biggest attractions that are becoming more and more frequent are collaborations with other franchises that are not only limited to other video games, but also venture into the world of anime.

On this occasion, the popular video game hero shooter, Overwatch 2 has announced their next collaboration through their social networks, one that has surely excited many fans, as it is a very special crossover. Let us remember that a year ago the franchise Cowboy Bebop celebrated its 25th anniversary, while Overwatch 2 announced his second collaboration with One Punch Man.

Cowboy Bebop X Overwatch2 4Cowboy Bebop X Overwatch2 4
Cowboy Bebop X Overwatch2 2Cowboy Bebop X Overwatch2 2

This long-awaited season 9 event is a few days away from starting and in the meantime a promotional video of their third collaboration has been released showing what we can expect, with new and fabulous skins inspired by our favorite bounty hunters Spike, Faye Valentine, Jet Black, Ein and ed and to make it even better with the opening of Cowboy Bebop, Tank!

The collaboration will be available starting next Tuesday, March 12 and these will be the skins:

  • Spike Spiegel – Cassidy
  • Faye Valentine – Ash
  • Jet Black – Mauga
  • Edward – Shade
  • Ein – Wrecking Ball
Cowboy Bebop X Overwatch2 1Cowboy Bebop X Overwatch2 1
Cowboy Bebop X Overwatch2 3Cowboy Bebop X Overwatch2 3

All skins will be for sale in the store, while the Ein for Wrecking Ball You can acquire it for free through missions. If you are interested in this amazing collaboration because you are a fan of Cowboy Bebop and still no downloads Overwatch 2Remember that it is a free game available for various platforms such as: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X and S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

So far these are all the details that have been released, prices and other extras that will be included soon are still unknown, but we are undoubtedly excited that it will be an excellent collaboration to the taste of fans of both franchises, and if you do not want to miss any information We suggest you follow their official account Twitter. Tell us what you think of this fusion of universes of Cowboy Bebop X Overwatch 2.

Cowboy Bebop X Overwatch 2Cowboy Bebop X Overwatch 2

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