Dani Carvajal and racism against Vinicius: “Spain is not racist, people insult with what they do harm” – La Opinion

Dani Carvajal and racism against Vinicius: “Spain is not racist, people insult with what they do harm” – La Opinion

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Within the framework of a match that was planned to be able to bring a cry of strength and hope to continue the absolute fight against racism after everything that was experienced last season around the figure of the Brazilian Vinicius Júnior, it was a teammate of his who decided to speak in favor of the Spanish locker room.

Dani Carvajal, full back and teammate of ‘Vini’ at Real Madrid He will have to face the same thing that all other full-backs in LaLiga usually do when they have to face each other.

Spain will be facing Brazil in what will be the 50th match that will take place in the Real Madrid stadium: 13 in the old Chamartín and 37 in the legendary Santiago Bernabéu. In the two most recent results at the Bernabéu, Spain has achieved two top-level victories: 3-0 against Italy and with the same score against Sweden, with Dani Carvajal part of each of the matches.

Carvajal questioned on many topics

Does Vini talk about racism in the locker room? The situation with the racial issue regarding the Brazilian forward continues to escalate levels of difficulties and Carvajal referred to it in the following way: “It is a match, an idyllic setting to fight against racism, and no, I don’t think it is a topic to talk about in the locker room, and for us part, we will help you as much as possible to solve it. He will talk about it more in his environment.”

The Real Madrid and Spanish national team full-back feels very good and considers who is currently experiencing a very good moment: “I am very happy to have been able to enjoy all the lists. Continuity is leading me to one of my best seasons. Maybe there will be some setback… But surely there will be a player who will fill the position in the best way.”

A defeat against the New Granada team 1-0 against Colombia was not in the plans of the Spanish team, something that Carvajal considered a match of tests and challenges, but also a lot of learning: “It was a difficult match, and even the coach gave minutes to debutants. It was a test match, but I think we can be clear candidates for the Euros. Italy is a good example.”

The new challenge is the friendly against Brazil, something that is considered a high-level duel and in which he hopes to be able to participate: “If I can enjoy minutes against Brazil, I will use all my weapons that I know from Rodrygo, Vinicius and company. “They won’t have it easy, we are strong in defense.”

A little more depth about Vinicius, player and person

“In front of a player of caliber it is difficult to have things clear. With that talent he surpasses anyone. Don’t make threats, cover up spaces, receive help… That may be the key.”

“I was very surprised by the improvement in Vini’s performance, for the better.”. Those of us who were inside didn’t doubt him, but he received great criticism… And not many players have overcome the criticism of playing for Real Madrid… That has a lot of merit.”

As mentioned before, racism is closely linked to Vinicius and especially in recent times, where even the Brazilian forward has been quite affected, to the point of crying at a recent press conference. It has also been thought that it is Spain, where the Brazilian has lived for many years, that is to blame for this whole issue, and it is there where Carvajal once again raised his voice about it:

“It doesn’t go there. I don’t think Spain is a racist country. I come from a humble neighborhood in Leganés, there has never been any problem… I have friends of a different skin color, and there has never been a problem. Then there are the cases of those who enter stadiums to let off steam, who should not enter stadiums anymore. “Insult with what they know hurts.”

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