Daniel Bisogno is in intensive care and intubated, confirms Pati Chapoy

Daniel Bisogno is in intensive care and intubated, confirms Pati Chapoy

Driver Daniel Bisogno is found in intensive therapy and intubated for five days for one lung infectionand it is unknown when it could come out.

“Yesterday I went to the hospital where Daniel Bisogno is hospitalized, and the medical report they gave me is that he has been in intensive care for five days and is intubated,” Pati Chapoy confirmed on the Ventaneando program.

Pati Chapoy also commented that they took a CT scan and performed a procedure in the morning, although she did not specify what type.

In addition, he said that they are about to remove the tube that helps him breathe to confirm that he can do so because until now “unfortunately he does not have the strength in his muscles to be able to breathe on his own.”

However, he said that the doctors assured that the body of Bisogno has responded positively to the antibiotics that they give you to finish eliminating the infection that affects your lungs. Although their recovery process could take a while, so they are waiting for the “el muñe” process.

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Her Ventaneando colleagues also expressed concern for Micaela, the driver’s daughter, since because she is a minor she cannot enter the intensive care area where she is located. Bisogno.

What is Daniel Bisogno sick with?

For several months, viewers who follow the broadcasts of the entertainment program have wondered about Daniel’s state of health because he has suffered obvious physical changes and has absent in several broadcasts.

He May 29, 2023the driver was taken from emergency to the hospital because they burst esophageal varicesrelated to problems gastrointestinal which in turn can cause hemorrhage in the mucosa of the esophagus.

While in October of last year rumors circulated about another possible hospitalization and possible illnesses of the communicator, but on that occasion it was only a regular check-up to rule out future problems.

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