Fabiola Martínez’s alleged LOVER of Alex Montiel tells the truth about her relationship with the famous man

Fabiola Martínez’s alleged LOVER of Alex Montiel tells the truth about her relationship with the famous man


At the end of 2023, the well-known YouTuber Alex Montiel, better known as the Golden Scorpion He was involved in a scandal of alleged infidelity. The content creator would have had a relationship outside of marriage with the actress and model Fabiola Martínez. Although Alex Montiel has denied at all times having betrayed his wife Dana Arizu, it was Fabiola herself who declared her version of what happened to the media.

Fabiola declared before some media outlets that the controversy with Alex created a bad image of her before the public, however, she claimed to live calmly and said that “she never got involved in her marriage”, the model assured that she will not tell how her relationship with the comedian began because at the moment she does not is ready, maybe she’ll wait to share her side of the story on her podcast.

The actress confessed that the situation with Montiel It affected her a lot, she declared: “We both know the real version. “I never got involved in their marriage.” Fabiola She added that she tries to learn from all of life’s experiences, both good and bad, and assured that she takes even bad experiences as a stone on the path that helps her build her castle. The model commented that she has not had contact with Alex Montiel again.

This is what Fabiola Martínez declared about her relationship with Alex Montiel

Although the actress was tight-lipped when declaring how they met, she claimed not to be his lover. Montiel: “I am not a lover, a lover hides and I was not hidden,” she stated bluntly. He also warned that the version that the comedian was separating from her while he entered into a relationship with her and gave her place as a couple is real, he also detailed that he does not know if the influencer was playing with her.

“I don’t know if he was playing with me, but at that moment I was shocked by what was happening. I simply believe that there are things that got out of hand,” the actress pointed out that she was hurt by the way he acted. Alex and also the way she was treated by people, Fabiola He added that he believes that those involved in this love triangle were harmed by this situation.

The actress accepted that the situation, in addition to being uncomfortable, was painful because she was falling in love with the Golden Scorpion interpreter. However, she admitted that this feeling is temporary and that her strongest blow in love was having lost her husband after 11 years of marriage. marriage: “If I got over the death of my husband who was the love of my life, of course I’m going to get over anything.” Probably Fabiola decides to give more details regarding his failed relationship with Alex Montiel through What am I doing, wey?, the model’s new podcast project.

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