Danna Paola suffers a panic attack prior to the presentation of her album – El Diario NY

Danna Paola suffers a panic attack prior to the presentation of her album – El Diario NY


On numerous occasions, Danna Paola has spoken about how difficult it has been to maintain her stability emotional, especially when important things happen to him, and this time was no exception.

The singer organized a press conference to present her new album titled “Childstar” and, although she had summoned the media in the morning, she arrived at the scene a couple of hours later because she had a strong panic and anxiety attack.

I sincerely apologize, I suffered a panic attack before leaving my house. I continue to assimilate everything that is happening. Since I was 15 years old I have suffered a lot from anxiety and panic and obviously they have been increasing as heavier situations happen to me.”said Danna, extremely embarrassed.

Regarding her new material, the singer assured that each of the songs are thought about an important moment in her life and confessed that it was not easy to remember some difficult situations to be able to capture them in songs like “Blackout.”

Danna Paola asks her Twitter namesake to stop cyberbullying

A few weeks ago, during the month of March, Danna Paola experienced an extremely complicated moment, due to her username on the social network “X”, formerly Twitter. The singer made a call with the aim of campaigning, so that a young woman named Danna would give her her username. This with the sole objective of not having to pay a stratospheric figure, to be able to have her stage name in said space.

However, this whole situation got out of control and the singer and actress ended up regretting her actions. Danna had to write a heartfelt message in which she asked her fans to stop sending aggressive texts to the young woman in question, since her intention was never for her to become a victim of cyberbullying.

“Hey, Please do not incite hatred no matter how difficult the situation may be. We know that this specific platform “It brings out a lot of toxicity and hatred, and sometimes there is a lot of poison that one wants to get out of one’s being, but we could avoid it, especially in this situation because imagine the bombing of poor Danna, it is not her fault,” Danna wrote.

Finally, the singer also revealed that to end the controversy once and for all, her username on this social network will be “DannaJustDanna“, a situation that apparently was liked by his more than seven million followers.

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