Texas launches jobs for people who speak Spanish with a salary of $60 an hour

Texas launches jobs for people who speak Spanish with a salary of $60 an hour


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Translation & INterpretation Network launches job vacancy to work in Texasthe salary offered is 60 dollars an hour, In addition, this job offer has the option of being able to work remotely directly from your home. To apply to this vacant People with exceptional communication skills and knowledge in the use of connection platforms for video calls are requested.

The position offered is to work as a bilingual interpreter. Due to the nature of the job, the person interested in working in this company is required to have the ability to work efficiently independently. The consultations will be carried out by telephone and video. . In addition to speak english and spanish Preference will be given to applicants who speak another additional language.

As part of the tasks that will be carried out in this position, the interested party must provide translations in different fields such as medicine, education, social services, legal and judicial matters. The employer offers a flexible schedule in which the employee may accept or reject work according to his or her time availability. It is valued that applicants have solid notions of professional ethics.

Additional information for this job vacancy in Texas

He requirement essential to aspire to this job vacancy in Texas is to have mastery of languages Spanish and English, as well as two additional languages, have computer skills including software to make video calls, have strong interpretation and communication skills, have a bachelor’s degree related to interpretation or translation. This is a formal job vacancy, which is why it is offered work under contract.

Although the employee can have the hours they wish to work, it is requested that those interested be able to cover a range of 10 to 16 hours of work per week, there is the benefit of choosing the work schedule that best suits the interested person and it is offered a salary of 60 dollars per hour. If you wish to be considered for this vacancy, send an email to the following address: [email protected].

In addition to sending an email expressing your interest in applying to this vacant You must attach a cover letter and corresponding curriculum vitae, as well as the educational proof you have. This vacancy can also be in person. If you are interested in this job position and you fulfill the requirements that are requested apply directly by clicking here.

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