Is Rose Hanbury behind Kate Middleton’s disappearance?  William’s lover comes to light

Is Rose Hanbury behind Kate Middleton’s disappearance? William’s lover comes to light



It’s been a little over three months since the last time he was seen. Kate Middleton in public, since after his abdominal operation As of January 2nd, she has been absent from the social commitments; However, the secrecy with which the situation has been handled has given a lot to talk about in recent days, and now a theory brings to light the assumptions plans of the Prince William’s lover, Rose Hanbury.

It is important to mention that the relationship I went into inherited the British throne and the Marchioness of Cholmondeley came to light in the book of memories of prince harry, who did not hesitate for a second to talk about the his brother’s lover and the time they have been deceiving the Wale’s princess, Well, they could be close to turning almost seven years old and without a doubt, many have assured that history is repeating itself.

The worst of all came when it was confirmed that Hanbury She was also a very good friend of Kate Middleton, and furthermore the kings of England would have supported this extramarital relationship remembering their own infidelity to Lady Di, and even if you don’t believe it, that increased even more the world’s affection and sympathy with the mother of princes George, Charlotte and Louis.

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What does Rose Hanbury have to do with Kate Middleton’s disappearance?

But now, through the social networks A theory comes to light that points to the supposed lover of the heir to the British throne of being behind the apparent disappearance of the Wale’s princesssince apparently it has been rumored that Kate and William they would be going through a divorce orchestrated by her, in addition to the fact that she would have the intention of being the one to become the queen consort.

It is important to mention that this theory rest is being supported by the silence and mystery that has permeated the british crown to the issue of the health of the daughter-in-law king Charles IIIand without a doubt it has been said that the separation of the princes of wales It is a fact without turning back, which has not pleased the faithful followers of Kate Middleton who have not hesitated at all to compare it with Lady Di.

However, the name of the alleged lover of the prince william is found within this equation, since its intentions to become the Queen consort, since I would also be receiving all the support of Camila Parker, who more than 25 years ago would have been in the same situation as her.

What is a fact is that so far no more details have been released regarding the supposed disappearance of the Wale’s princess, Well, on the part of the Royal family It has only been said that his recovery is going from strength to strength and that he is expected to return to his activitys as soon as possible.


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