Details of Mouctar Diakhaby’s injury: “He has the most serious injury that can be suffered in the knee” – La Opinion

Details of Mouctar Diakhaby’s injury: “He has the most serious injury that can be suffered in the knee” – La Opinion


In recent days one of the most chilling and creepy images that went around the world this recent weekend could be seen. where there was a two-goal tie between Valencia and Real Madrid, corresponding to matchday 27 of LaLiga. But despite this and the conflictive ending to the match, attention was drawn to the moment when Mouctar Diakhaby, Valencia defender, suffered a serious injury to one of his knees.

The event occurred when there were only five minutes left before the final whistle of the game, which created an atmosphere of great anxiety, concern and shock. between the players and fans from the stands at the Mestalla stadium facilities. The injury occurred after a failed attempt to clear a cross in the home team’s area.

The time of injury

Aurélien Tchouaméni, a white player trying to challenge for the ball, fell unluckily on Diakhaby’s right leg.causing the latter to remain lying on the playing field showing signs of pain that he simply could not bear.

Dr. Enrique Gastaldi, who is a well-known specialist who works as Director of the Sports Traumatology Servicecommunicated his opinion and thoughts after this terrible injury to the Valencia defender and has described it as “the most serious that can be suffered in the knee.”

In a recent interview for the Cadena SER cameras, Gastaldi made it clear that the severity of the injury was a serious issue and he did not want to give recovery or estimate times to see him in action again on the playing fields. “The first thing to look for is for him to walk,” said the specialist, indicating that rehabilitation time is crucial and essential. for Diakhaby without putting any type of pressure on recovery times and return to play.

“Injuries must be studied in depth and quantified. We must examine the ligaments involved and rule out any subsequent complication,” the doctor explained, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation.

“Once these ligaments have been torn, we must rule out any vascular injury, since the exit of the bone It can cause damage to the popliteal artery,” Gastaldi added.

Valencia gives a medical report on Diakhaby

“The player Mouctar Diakhaby suffered a dislocation of his right knee in the match played at Mestalla against Real Madrid. After initial medical attention, the Valencian central defender has remained admitted to the hospital for clinical control and is awaiting further tests,” indicated the report from the Valencian team’s medical staff.

The club reported that the player will continue to undergo medical studies in the coming days to detect any other type of injury. in the ligaments of the knee that was affected and to also know its extent.

At the time of the injury and seeing the state of pain in which the player was lying completely on the playing field, The response from the Valencia and Real Madrid players was immediate to support in whatever way they could.and much quicker on the part of the doctors to be able to help Diakhaby, who screaming in pain completely moved the players and the fans.

After this, Diakhaby was removed from the stadium on a stretcher and transferred to the Valencia Hospital to receive urgent medical attention. The gesture of support from the Valencia fans cheering, applauding and shouting encouragement to the Valencia player, They were the perfect contrast on a day where Vinicius Júnior, Real Madrid forward, was once again the victim of racist insults against him.

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