Who is Trini, the influencer who is confusing social networks?

Who is Trini, the influencer who is confusing social networks?

It is very easy to create rumors and that these go viral in social networksas is the case of Trini, the fake influencer that is confusing thousands of people in TikTok.

“Why doesn’t anyone talk about what happened to Trini?”, “This is something Trini would do,” are some comments seen in various videos on said social network, which caused controversy on the networks.

Who is the influencer Trini?

The name of Trini began to emerge due to a video uploaded by the Spanish influencer Kappah, who suggested his followers create a rumor “that would not harm anyone.”

“What if we invent something and spread it all over the Internet? We invent a rumor, something harmless (…) something that won’t hurt anyone,” he said.

Kappah then suggested creating a Youtuber named Trini with the aim of making it viral and confusing people.

“We have to start making videos and leaving comments (…) I want everyone in the comments to act as if they know Trini, comment on the video as if it were a normal video,” he said.

In a matter of two days, it was already seen on TikTok that several random videos mentioned Trini, and they made videos about it, but anyone who didn’t know what this dynamic was about quickly got confused. This situation made Trini became a trend in X.

Seeing the scope of the dynamic he invented with his followers, Kappah uploaded a video giving all the context of Triniensuring that that person does not exist.

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“Trini doesn’t exist, it’s not a social experiment either, I was bored at home and uploaded that video,” he said.

After this explanation, people who didn’t know why Trini was a trend, they understood that everything was part of a joke started by the Spanish influencer.

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