Diablo IV: The long-awaited update with Ray Tracing arrives in March!

Diablo IV: The long-awaited update with Ray Tracing arrives in March!

Diablo IVtitle developed and edited by Activision Blizzard Kinghas just announced that the long-awaited update that it will bring to the technology of Ray Tracing will arrive at the end of this month. New reflective surfaces, shadows and never-before-seen details will be added to the game thanks to changes to the renowned image rescaling and reconstruction technology. NVIDIADLSS 3.0, which promises to further raise the graphic quality of the latest installment based on this veteran action and role-playing saga.

RTX powered by NVIDIA – Diablo IV

NVIDIA declared through a blog on its website that the changes coming to the game, released in June of last year, will be the biggest that have been experienced to date. In this way, the trailer shared a few hours ago was able to show us the most important changes that will be seen after the premiere of this version. First of all, there are the modifications in the reflexes section. Here NVIDIA has completely redone this setup to give it a more realistic look when rendering the entire scene.

Consequently, we can see how the locations change completely by showing the reflections of all the elements on the screen and not just that of the type of character we have chosen. Special mention deserves the graphical improvements that can be seen in this Diablo IV update enhanced by video cards RTX.

Likewise, NVIDIA shared the variation made to the shadow system that accompanied this title since its premiere. Here the changes will not be as dazzling as those made to the game’s reflection system, but they will provide it with more detailed scenes and shadows and will serve as a basis to add more presence to the gloomy places that we will experience during our trip in the Sanctuary.

In addition to this, RTX video cards compatible with version 3.0 of the technology Deep Learning Supersampling o DLSS will have an improvement in the system for loading these shadows so that scenes can be rendered more accurately without adding to the work of the card by showing all the locations; independently of the graphic loading or the lighting environment we face.

Finally, there are the changes at the playable level that owners of Diablo IV. Here NVIDIA did not want to overlook the gain in frames per second that can be obtained by activating the image rescaling and reconstruction technology, DLSS 3.0. In this way, users of these compatible cards (RTX 40 Series onwards) will be able to activate this configuration and enjoy up to 3 times more frames per second without losing performance by activating all graphic options related to the Ray Tracing.

Finally, those of “Green Team” They have not missed the opportunity to remind users of the advantages of playing Diablo IV in ecosystems with branded products. From optimization and advanced 4K performance to the minimal latency provided by the technology REFLEXNVIDIA continues to demonstrate why it is one of the favorite factions for a large part of the gamer community in compatibles.

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