Did William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez come to blows?  The police came to his house 4 times

Did William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez come to blows? The police came to his house 4 times



A real scandal is what has been made around the most recent separation of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez, and everything seems to indicate that it is a new infidelity of the gallant of the TV soaps, but apparently now things have escalated to a new level, because according to the latest reportsthe opinion received the police in its home on more than one occasion due to incidents of domestic violence; this is what is known.

For a couple of years, the relationship of the Famous is going through different crisis that have left everyone with their mouths open, since they have returned and left on more than one occasion, but recently the two confirmed that they have already They are not togetherand everything seems to indicate that the third in contention was the Cuban’s co-star, the actress Samadhi Zendejas, but things have reached another level.

Let us remember that the couple has been through different scandals throughout their almost 21 years of marriageand it has always been confirmed that the womanizing spirit of William Levy It is what distanced him from the mother of his children, who a few days ago shared with the media Hello USA that they have not been together for a few months, but what they did not specify is that their issues They could have climbed to the violenceso the police He even had to intervene.

It was through the magazine People in spanish where it was announced that the couple has starred domestic altercations for which the police went to his residence located in Miami Florida which was confirmed by the cuban actor and all this was what happened in the famous house, so it would be confirming that the divorce It will be the only solution.

What happened in the marriage of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez?

According to different reports, the couple has received the police on multiple occasions: problems that apparently come from the last January 29 and March 1, 2023 and the most recent March 2 and 24 from this same year 2024, and it seems that the Cuban has taken out his most violent facet, Well, it is said that he would have even attacked his own daughter Kailey, Well, according to police reports, the teenager heard her father arguing with a woman.

And the most recent altercation occurred when Elizabeth Gutierrez called the police after, he explained to the police, his daughter Kailey He entered his house with the cousins ​​and later called his mother, who was outside, since he had not lived there for a month and a half, to tell him that they had had a “altercation”with his father, but the Cuban has denied the accusations.

It is worth mentioning that the same actor, in interview with People in spanish, He assured that there was no violence and reiterated that he was not with a woman: “They break the door to see if there is anyone inside. If I had been with someone, I would be living alone. It’s my house, I was alone. Kailey breaks the door, I don’t know “What’s happening? I don’t push her, I put my hand so that she doesn’t happen,” he explained.

Worst of all, the police are also said to have intervened when the actress and host shared that the father of her children had a gun on his back in the middle of a discussion, Well, he went up to inspect the second floor of her house, because he suspected that she was with another man, but he alleged that he took the gun to “protect” when he went to look for the supposed man he had seen, but, as he says“he did not find it”.

While another point to consider is that the presenter has also lengthened the drinking habits of the father of her children, since since October 2023, the former couple would have appeared before the authority after a “discussion” caused by the claim of Elizabeth to William because the “drinks too much” and under the influence of alcohol he makes “rude” and quite offensive comments to her.

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