Is Kate Middleton’s health getting worse?  Mhoni Vidente makes TERRIBLE prediction of the Princess of Wales

Is Kate Middleton’s health getting worse? Mhoni Vidente makes TERRIBLE prediction of the Princess of Wales



Just a few weeks away from Kate Middleton announces that he is in the middle of a chemotherapy treatment after it was diagnosed with cancer, Mhoni Vidente bust the platforms by securing a terrible prediction for the Wale’s princess, Well apparently his health has not improved and could even be worse than ever at its 42 years old; This is what is known so far.

It was last March 22 when the same wife of prince william shared with the world difficult moment that is passing through from the past February month when diagnosis suffering cancerand although it was not revealed where in the body their evil lodges, a great number of things have been done speculations in this regard, since since then there has not been a report of his health condition.

“As I have told you, I am doing well and I am getting stronger every day by focusing on the things that will help me heal; in my mind, body and spirit… we hope that you understand that, as a family, we now need some time, space and privacy while I complete my treatment,” was what the Princess of Wales said.

But now, a vision of the famous Cuban fortune teller could completely change the destination of the british royalty, Well apparently the disease of the future queen consort of England, and then we will tell you what the stars and stars have to offer. Kate Middletonbecause it is a revelation that has left everyone with their mouths open.

What is Kate Middleton’s health status?

In her most recent appearance on the El Heraldo Media Group channel, the Cuban has surprised the entire world by ensuring that the health of the mother of princes George, Charlotte and Louis is worse than ever, because she said that she had been hospitalized again because cancer is invading it, but it is a very difficult moment and vulnerable that the British royalty.

“She is in very serious health… the cancer is completely invading her from the stomach to the intestine,” warned Mhoni Vidente.

It is worth mentioning that until now, on the part of the Royal family No statement or update has been given regarding the health status of the most popular member of the Windsor, well until the king Charles III already had a recent appearance and the wife of heir to the British throne.


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