Do you speak Spanish?  Work from HOME for a company in the US with a salary of $60 per hour

Do you speak Spanish? Work from HOME for a company in the US with a salary of $60 per hour


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Technology and digitalization of companies have benefited millions of people who now have the opportunity to work from home more comfortably and the best thing is that it opens the opportunity for an international company. In this instance, if what you are looking for is a remote job, we have the employment vacancy perfect for you. This is a position in a company USA to work part-time for a salary of $60 per hour. Below, we share the requirements that you must have.

He employment It is to work at the American company Lux Consulting Group Inc. remotely, only half a day, which is equal to 4 hours per day and a total of 20 hours per week. The translator position offers a host of benefits, including a salary of between $55 and a maximum of $60 per hour (about $1,200 per week), a flexible schedule of only 5 days per week, paid time off and health insurance , among others. In addition to this, you can have an additional job due to the low demand for time.

Requirements for the job of translator:

The company of USA made a list of requirements which integrates skills and knowledge that those interested in filling the role of translator from home must cover in order to be considered in the selection process and move on to the second filter, which would be an interview to evaluate their professional capabilities. These qualifications are:

  • Speak English and additionally other languages ​​such as Spanish, French, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese, Urdu, Mandarin, Chinese, Hindi, among others
  • Translation knowledge
  • Precise writing, impeccable grammar and reading comprehension are essential
  • Have a master’s degree, doctorate or bachelor’s degree in natural sciences or education

How to apply for the position of remote translator?

In the job offerthe Lux company expresses that they will only take into account the profiles of people who meet the total of the requirements listed above, if you consider this to be the case, we invite you to apply. It is through the Simply Hired job portal (click here), that the company will be receiving resumes from interested parties, this must be accompanied by a cover letter containing the position of interest and the date on which the candidate is free to begin work if selected. Apply now and don’t miss this opportunity!

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