The best substrate made with fruit peels so that your succulents have fleshy leaves

The best substrate made with fruit peels so that your succulents have fleshy leaves

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If you love succulents and you want yours to be very pretty, we have for you the gardening trick that will do this and much more: it is a substratum homemade made with Fruit peels so that your plants have fleshy leaveshealthy and adorable. It is very easy to prepare and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. Here we tell you the step by step to prepare and use it. Take note!

The succulents They are the fashionable plants and the favorites of the moment; These sun species have become the darlings of many, not only because of how beautiful they are, but also because they are easy to care for and ideal for beginners and for those people who do not “have a hand” in gardening and suffer because they all the little plants die. This does not happen with succulents, since they are resistant and low maintenance.

The succulents They are succulent plants that store water in their leaves, stems or roots, which allows them to survive in arid environments with excess sun. Plants with these characteristics are the ones that attract people’s attention the most because they look very tender and adorable due to their fleshy leaves, which is why more than one person adds them to the decoration of their home, since they want it to look beautiful.

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The succulents with fleshy leaves They are those whose leaves have a fleshy and thick structure, perfect for retaining water for prolonged periods, a mechanism that allows them to be resistant and survive droughts. Some of the most popular and pretty succulents with fleshy leaves are:

  • Echeverias.
  • Crassulas.
  • Sedum.
  • Kalanchoe.
  • Aloe vera.

Homemade substrate to have succulents with fleshy leaves

To create a substratum with fruit peels to have succulents with fleshy leavesit is important to use ingredients that contain the necessary nutrients to make your plants healthy and beautiful. What you need to prepare this homemade fertilizer perfect for fleshy succulents is the following:

  • Fruit peels (banana, orange, tangerine or pineapple, choose the one you have available).
  • Potting soil.
  • Vegetable charcoal (optional, to avoid bad odors and prevent pests).
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Preparation and method of use: the first thing you have to do is collect and wash the fruit peels well to eliminate residue; Then, crush the peels into very small pieces; Later, mix them with the soil from your pot. succulent and ensure that the waste remains close to the roots so that they absorb all the nutrients; Optionally, you can add a little crushed charcoal to avoid bad odors and prevent pests.

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And that’s it, with this substratum for succulents you will make you have fleshy leavespretty and tender. Everyone will tell you that you have the most beautiful plants ever! Take advantage of the Fruit peels They have nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium and nitrogen that are essential for these sun species. We recommend you use the homemade fertilizer once a week to have better and faster results.

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