Does Daniel Bisogno know that his mother died?  Pati Chapoy reveals details of her death

Does Daniel Bisogno know that his mother died? Pati Chapoy reveals details of her death


After the serious state of health of Daniel Bisognolast Saturday, February 24, the death of the mother of the driver. The news immediately captured the spotlight, especially because it was unknown if the famous person was aware of what had happened. Pati Chapoy He broke the silence and told if Bisogno already knows about his mother’s death and, in addition, gave more details about what happened to Araceli Bisogno.

Until today, Monday, February 26, Daniel Bisogno He is admitted to the hospital due to lung complications after acquiring bacteria; As a result of this, the famous Ventaneado driver was intubated and in intensive care, since he could not breathe on his own. In the last few hours, progress has been reported in his health, however, he has to continue under observation and medical care.

In the midst of this, over the weekend it was reported that the mother of the driver known as “El Muñe”, Araceli Bisogno, died, without so far reporting the reasons for her death. It is known that the lady was very seriously ill in 2020 after contracting COVID-19, however, on that occasion she was able to recover, although speculation began on social networks whether her death would have been related to that disease or to some sequelae that she suffered. has left.

Photo: Twitter @ChapoyPati

For all these rumors, Pati Chapoy decided to break the silence and tell the details of the death of the mother of Daniel Bisogno. It was through her her. She also said that this has been the saddest and most difficult moment in the history of Ventaneando.

Pati Chapoy confesses if Daniel Bisogno knows that his mother died

Pati Chapoy confessed that what is happening with Daniel Bisogno and his family has also been something very strong for the entire Ventaneando team. In the message she shared on her X account on February 25, the famous journalist confirmed the death of Araceli Bisogno and revealed that, despite the seriousness of her health, the driver was informed of this unfortunate situation. news.

“This has been one of the most difficult and sad weekends in the history of our program, due to the unexpected departure of Araceli Bisogno, mother of our beloved Daniel Bisogno, who, as we have reported, remains hospitalized and recovering from a lung infection… That is why we would not have wanted to give this unfortunate news and today we do so in the hope that Daniel’s family but above all he himself will find the strength to overcome this hard blow,” he wrote on said social network.

He added: “Araceli Bisogno had been going through a difficult health situation for some time due to Covid, which she contracted twice. Her admission to the hospital early last Friday morning was due to a generalized infection that she was unable to overcome. Today she rests in peace. Tomorrow all the information in Ventaneando”. This is how Paty Chapoy also confirmed that the death of Bisogno’s mother was related to the COVID-19 that she suffered, which left her body and organism very weak since then.

Photo: Instagram @bisognodaniel

Various media outlets at the level reported that the funeral of the mother of Daniel Bisogno. Obviously, due to his state of health, the driver would not have been present, however, his brothers were present, who had a lawsuit because they were accused of having hidden from Araceli Bisogno the seriousness of “El Muñe”‘s illness. because they wanted to tell him the truth.

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