Don Pedro Rivera talks about the legal dispute he has with Chiquis Rivera and other grandchildren – El Diario NY

Don Pedro Rivera talks about the legal dispute he has with Chiquis Rivera and other grandchildren – El Diario NY

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Don Pedro Rivera offered an interview to the program ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ in which he spoke about the conflict that has arisen with Jenni Rivera’s children, who sued him for using the image of the ‘Diva de la Banda’ and the rights of his songs.

In the conversation with the Telemundo program, the singer commented that all this has generated great discomfort and believes that the lawsuit is due to the fact that they have received “bad influence”, but also because there is no loyalty.

He indicated that despite what happened he will never stop loving or loving them. “I am not against them,” she stressed.

Regarding the comments on social networks in which several indicate that this money belongs to them because their mother worked for it, Don Pedro Rivera stated: “Do you think people know? If I had been a butcher, everyone would have been butchers. “When I started this, I didn’t even know what was going to happen.”

Statements by Mr. Pedro Rivera

Unofficially, it is known that the amount claimed by Jenni Rivera’s children is 12 million dollars, but the artist’s father explained that the fight is also due to the use of images that he himself took of Jenni Rivera, as well as What songs he recorded with her.

“When she had the problem with her first husband, she herself produced a letter in which she said that everything belonged to Cintas Acuario, the proof is that during her life she never had a claim against us,” he claimed.

Furthermore, he said that if Jenni Rivera were alive, he believes she would not have acted this way because children should have respect and loyalty towards their parents.

“I feel calm because I believe that all the things I have done, I have done well,” he added.

He indicated that this entire legal battle hurts him, because he believes that he did not act wrong. “What does surprise me is that it is of the same blood,” he highlighted.

The patriarch of the family indicated that he has proposed to his grandchildren to give him a percentage of those profits, but they have not wanted to reach that agreement because he believes that they have another idea.

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