“Don’t fight”: TikTok users react after the first day without Universal music

“Don’t fight”: TikTok users react after the first day without Universal music

The lawsuit between Universal Music and TikTok has been on everyone’s lips in recent days, after the label decided to remove the songs of all its artists from the platform.

As of February 1, songs by artists such as Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, BTS, Lana del Rey or Billie Eilish were silenced in all TikTok videos where they were played, as well as those that had not been published by users. .

The reaction of the platform’s users was immediate after the first day without the Universal Music catalog available on the social network.

Videos of users performing the choreographies that previously accompanied the songs removed from TikTok have flooded the platform, and which now have a sound of stocks.

In addition, the reaction to the withdrawal of the Universal Music catalog from TikTok has reached other social networks, where memes abound due to the new situation on the platform.

Why did Universal remove its artists’ music from TikTok?

Universal accused TikTok of “trying to build a music-based business without paying fair value for the music.” music“, according to a letter published by the signature.

For its part, the platform accused the record label to prioritize their interests over those of others artists and composers. “Despite the false narrative and rhetoric of Universalthe company has chosen to move away from the powerful support of a platform with more than one billion users that serves as a free means of promotion and discovery for its talents.”

In addition to the demand for a new agreement on the royalties that TikTok pays for the use of music, the record label demanded measures to stop the use of artificial intelligence to create songs with the voices of its artists.

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