Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, in “war”: hints and false apologies are made

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, in “war”: hints and false apologies are made

Singer Britney Spears opened Pandora’s box with his biographical book “The woman in me”where he revealed details of his relationship with Justin Timberlake when he was still part of the pop band NYSNCbut especially when he said that underwent an abortion because the musician told him that “he wouldn’t be happy” being a father so young.

From that moment on, fans of pop princess” and the general public have had a negative reaction against the Sexy Back interpreter, which has caused his musical plans are not well received of the public.

This situation and all the headlines that have appeared about her confessions caused Britney to turn to her networks to ensure that His book was not intended to offend anyone.because what he tells is now in the past and he wants to move on with his life.

It’s a beautiful ‘clean slate’ from here”, he expressed. But that It was not enough for the public.

After the scandal, Justin Timberlake kept a low profile in the media until he announced in release of his song Selfishthe first single from what will be their sixth studio album, Everything I thought it was, and scheduled for March 15.

What Justin didn’t expect is that the fans managed to get the Britney Spears song also titled Selfish went up to the top positions of the popularity charts and below will be his.

Given this Britney Spears once again turned to Instagram and said that She was “in love” with her ex-boyfriend’s new songwhile posted a video of Justin along with host Jimmy Fallon while they played some songs with toy instruments.

She’s so good and how come every time I see Justin and Jimmy together I laugh so much???”, he mentioned.

Besides, Britney Spears apologized “for some of the things I wrote in my book”. “If I offended any of the people I really care about, I am deeply sorry.”

The Toxic interpreter did not refer to Timberlake, but the message pointed to him and then made his IG account private.

However, what the singer had said that things in the past were already a forgotten matter went to the wind when Justin Timberlake made a harsh comment with clear reference to Britney Spears.

During a concert that Justin offered Wednesday night to celebrate his 43rd birthday at Irving Plaza in New Yorkk, before performing Cry me a rivera topic that is considered a dedication to his ex-girlfriend After finishing in 2002, the singer paused to express:

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to absolutely no one.

The video of his words immediately went viral on social networks and It reached Britney Spears’ earswho reacted in an undiplomatic manner.

First He deleted the message where he apologized to his ex and attacked him, without mentioning his name.

Someone told me that someone was talking bad about me on the street! “Do you want to take him to court or are you going to go home crying to your mom like you did last time? I don’t apologize!“, he wrote alongside an image of a basketball basket, in clear allusion to Timberlake.

So the messages of peace of Britney Spears towards her ex Justin Timberlakewho in the coming months will embark on a tour in his return to music.

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