Elisabeth Moss injured her back during the recording of her series “The Veil” – El Diario NY

Elisabeth Moss injured her back during the recording of her series “The Veil” – El Diario NY


While filming an action scene for his new series, “The Veil,” in Istanbul, which took place on the roof of a house, Elisabeth Moss She fractured a vertebra and was left lying there for two hours. This was revealed by the actress herself in a recent interview published by Variety.

“The scene that viewers are finally going to see is actually the second one we filmed, about six weeks later,” explained the protagonist. “The first time we filmed, I hit a wall in the wrong direction, and ended up lying on the ceiling for a couple of hours”he added.

While she was lying on the roof waiting for the doctors to arrive and treat her, her friend and partner, producer Denise Di Novi, stayed by her side. “I felt very bad for her,” the woman told the same media. Who also recalled that Moss insisted that filming continue and even managed to appear in a scene the next day, but of course, with his limited mobility.

It was no wonder: due to the blow, Moss had fractured a vertebra. “I can’t believe he kept working. “You are underestimating how difficult a lot of the stunt she did was,” revealed Di Novi, who together with the actress produces the series.

“We actually filmed the next day at the airport, those are the Paris airport scenes that you see in the episode, and I actually have a broken back,” Moss confirmed. “I tried to get them to put a green blanket over me and do visual effects on me. I was like, ‘Look, put the green blanket over me and you can make me better at editing.'”

In the series, Moss plays Imogen, an undercover agent trying to stop a planned ISIS terrorist attack in the United States.

The series, also starring Josh Charles, is a globe-trotting thriller that follows Imogen as she travels through Europe with Adilah, trying to gain her trust in order to obtain information about the possible ISIS attack. Despite the injury that sidelined her briefly, Di Novi praises Moss’ dedication in performing his own stuntswithout the need to resort to a stunt double.

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