“Lady Cinemex”, this is what they nicknamed a woman who attacked attendees in the theater – 24 Horas

“Lady Cinemex”, this is what they nicknamed a woman who attacked attendees in the theater – 24 Horas

A woman, who in networks ‘baptized’ as “Lady Cinemex”, attacked the movie theater attendees; it goes viral.

A video was spread and viralized through social networks in which a woman is shown for allegedly being drugged and attacking moviegoers at the Cinemex branch. Insurgents located in the San Luis Potosí streetof the Rome colony, Mexico City.

In the images you can see the woman who begins to insult the cinema attendees, since the film’s showing has stopped. “Challengers”, which premiered on last April 25th.

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The woman decided to insult – with homophobic comments – the audience who asked her to remain silent, since she was speaking during the film.

“What do you want from me? Thank you, Ariadna Zambrano What do I have to do for you to make you shine? “I have problems,” the girl shouted.

Zambrano – as he indicated his name – pointed out that he was only making comments, but “the boys” said he had problems.

She later threatened those who recorded her with suing them, while accepting that “I called them gay, bad vibes and so on.”

The cinema employees arrived at the scene and told the woman to leave and even offered her complimentary tickets for another movie and another performance, which she got right and said she wanted for the Back to Black film.

When “Lady Cinemex” retired, she argued with other people who complained about her attitude and even hit one of them and made xenophobic comments.

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“What are you coming for? To eat from my country? Are you coming to eat from my country?” said the girl.

When she almost left the room and after the attendees celebrated her leaving, “Lady Cinemex” made a series of insults against the attendees who accused her of allegedly being drugged.

As of now, the movie chain has not commented on the incident.


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