ENDER MAGNOLIA: Bloom in the mist – Watch its amazing trailer now!

ENDER MAGNOLIA: Bloom in the mist – Watch its amazing trailer now!

On February 21, NintendoDirect began with its announcements about the new deliveries that would arrive on the console, among which one of its first announcements was ENDER MAGNOLIA: Bloom in the mist. During this trailer we were able to appreciate what the developers are preparing for us, a fresh and mysterious new story that only increases our desire to have this game in our hands. It is worth mentioning that ENDER MAGNOLIAdeveloped by BINARY HAZE INTERACTIVEcounts as a sequel to ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights, which has been a success since its release, positioning itself among the best metroidvania.

See now the first look at ENDER MAGNOLIA: Bloom in the mist, sequel to ENDER LILIES

Ender Magnolia-Bloom In The Mist-03Ender Magnolia-Bloom In The Mist-03

The information that the trailer gives us ENDER MAGNOLIA is that now we find ourselves in a kingdom in which magic is found in large quantities in the city, which is called “Humelia» (name mentioned in the video). This kingdom seems to have a resemblance to Finisterrethe place where the first game takes place, since both were a prosperous kingdom, but with the difference of instead of being attacked by the «impure«, the cause of their decline was the homunculi.

The homunculi were once artificial life forms whose purpose was to promote the future of the kingdom and help its people, although unfortunately this would not be the case. We will find out about this within the first minutes of the game, because apparently we will form a bond with a homunculus, which is revealed to us that had an important role in the destruction of this kingdom. Will he help us because he wants to fix things? Or does it help us with another purpose? We will discover this over the course of the game.

In the history of ENDER MAGNOLIA We will face the rest of the uncontrolled homunculi, who will sometimes appear in the form of bosses, which once we defeat we will be able to add them to our team so that they will help us in our progress. As for the people who lived in Humeliawe learn that part of this was able to take refuge in the heights, since they had status and wealth, while those who lacked both had no choice but to stay below.

Ender Magnolia-Bloom In The Mist-02Ender Magnolia-Bloom In The Mist-02
Ender Magnolia-Bloom In The Mist-04Ender Magnolia-Bloom In The Mist-04

This is what we have so far ENDER MAGNOLIA: Bloom in the mistAlthough it seems to be little at the moment, the video game website has left us with an interesting intrigue, as we see how there is a clock with a countdown of 81 hours and 33 minutes. This detail tells us how much time is left to receive more information about it, the only thing we are clear about is that the game will arrive at some point in 2024 and we hope it has a good reception like its prequel did.

Now, before delving into ENDER MAGNOLIA: Bloom in the mist We want to give you a small glimpse of what was experienced in ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights. At the beginning we are shown a cinematic where we meet a small young woman whom we will later know as Lily, this girl was awakened by the black knight who from now on will protect and protect the little girl from the evils of the kingdom.

Finisterre It used to be a prosperous kingdom, but due to the “deadly flood” this would be affected, as it began to corrupt and separate the consciousness of the inhabitants of Finisterre turning them into aggressive beings without their own reasoning who would be known as “impure«. The White Maidens were in charge of dealing with this evil, but this slowly harmed their health, White Maiden of the Fountain It was the last of these and after purifying many, its life was slowly fading away. What relationship does Lily have with the maidens? And what fate awaits this young woman? Are things that you will want to discover on your own if you dare to try this amazing title.

Ender Magnolia-Bloom In The Mist-05Ender Magnolia-Bloom In The Mist-05


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