Exatlón 2024: Meet the 4 FINALISTS who will fight for the trophy on March 10

Exatlón 2024: Meet the 4 FINALISTS who will fight for the trophy on March 10



The end of this great adventure is finally seen on the horizon, as it will be the next Sunday March 10 when the winners of the seventh season of Exatlon 2024Well, on the beaches of Dominican Republic they are already fighting athletes for being crowned with the trophy of the New era and keep the juicy fortune of a million pesos for a man and a woman, and this is what is known so far.

According to what we have seen through the screens of TV Azteca, Within the competition there are only very few athletes left, since the last eliminated were nothing more and nothing less than Andrea Medina of the blues in the women’s branch and while Javi Marquez He said goodbye to the light blue after falling against Heliud Pulido, which leaves only two in blue and four in scarlet heading into the final days of the competition.

However, through the networks the athletes name that they will reach until the last day, because they will fight for the glory of this new seasonwhich has filled many other athletes with fame and fortune, since at the same time Grand finale Four champions from past installments will arrive, and this is what you need to know about it.

Who are the finalists of Exatlón 2024?

A good number of messages have already begun to circulate through social networks. spoiler videos where it is announced who will be the four champions who seek to keep the trophy and the million pesos which is for the leaders of this seventh season, since the Grand finale It will be full of both colors under equal circumstances, since two reds and two blues will compete for the long-awaited championship.

And on the side of the reds, according to the spoilers, they will be Pato Araujo and Mati Álvarez those who seek to fight for their color, since the reds showed a clear superiority within so many weeks of competition, while the celestial They are going to have their representatives, since they are the current champions, since Andrés Hierro and Lili Hernández They want to be crowned champions of this new installment.

It is worth mentioning that until now it is known that at Grand finale Some of those eliminated from recent weeks will return, who will guide their squads from the bench, but it is also expected that the relatives of the four finalists They are also accompanied in the Dominican Republic beaches alongside the athletes.


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