Exatlón 2024: The name of the ELIMINATED on Sunday, February 25, is filtered

Exatlón 2024: The name of the ELIMINATED on Sunday, February 25, is filtered



It will be until next time month of March when the competition of Exatlón 2024 comes to an end, so through social networks it has been leaked who is the famous sports reality legend who is going to leave the program just a few days away from the aforementioned semifinal, and then we are going to tell you who it is and what color It is the one that belongs to the athlete who is going to say goodbye on the last weekend of February.

Let us remember that it was Macky Gonzalezthe leader of the blue the last athlete to say goodbye to the powerhouse after she asked to leave despite winning against Lili Hernandezbut after her illness and infection in her leg was what did not allow the sprinter to fully recover, so she chose to leave the program and let her girlfriend Andres Fierro continue and go to compete directly with Mati Alvarez.

What is a fact is that the competition claims the head of a new athlete, Well, it is the men of both squads who are at risk this last weekend of this second month of 2024, Well, let’s remember that the four semi-finalist women are already in the final stretch, since both red and blue They have their two representatives who are going for the final prize.

On the side of the scarlet set, the name of Mati Alvarez It is no longer a surprise to anyone that it is within the last stage of the program, while Paulette Gallardo She was the only one of the new generation who is still in the programwhile on the side of the celestials, both Andrea Medina as Lili Hernandez qThey want to leave a mark seventh season and that the trophy is painted blue.

Who is going to be the man eliminated from Exatlon 2024 before the semifinal?

Different spoiler videos have already begun to circulate through social networks where it is revealed who the competitor is going to be and which team this one belongs to. new deleted of the next Sunday February 25since it is one of the great legends of this adventure that began from 2017and then we are going to tell you who it is and what the equipment that will be incomplete shortly before the Exatlón 2024 semi-final.

According to the clips, the athlete who is going to leave the beaches of the Dominican Republic shortly before entering the last phase of the competition is nothing more and nothing less than one of the most loved by the blue fans, and will be David Juárez ‘The Beast’, who will once again be one step away from the grand final, since many fans have classified him as the ‘King without a crown’ Well this is going to be the last one eliminated from February.


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