Guillermo Ripoll, Shakira’s uncle, bursts into praise for Gerard Piqué

Guillermo Ripoll, Shakira’s uncle, bursts into praise for Gerard Piqué


It seems that the controversy between Shakira and Gerard Piqué will never end and will hardly be left behind, after the famous couple ended their relationship after the scandal of infidelity from the former soccer player with his now girlfriend, Clara Chía Martí, and this made the singer make the decision to leave Barcelona and start a new life in Miami with her children Milan and Sasha.

Without a doubt, this has been one of the most controversial separations of recent years in the world of entertainment, as they had to fight for the custody of minors and not only that, but Shakira revealed a little more about what would have happened through her songs.

Most people sided with the Colombian when they found out everything the Spaniard had done to her during their relationship that lasted 10 years and not only the infidelitybut also the alleged mistreatment by Piqué’s parents towards the artist, but it seems that not everyone supports the star.

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Shakira’s uncle is on Piqué’s side

Now it has been announced that Shakira’s uncle would be on Piqué’s side, it is about Guillermo Ripoll, who is his mother’s brother, since he has always shown himself to be a great admirer of the athlete, but now he praised him and dedicated some special words to him.

This was announced by the show program “Gossip No Like“, who assured that the uncle is fan of the former Barcelona FC player and that he follows him on his social networks as a good fan, where he has even shown his support for Piqué for his relationship with Clara Chía

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Now the man gave a series of statements to the media outlet El Tiempo where praise to the former athlete, words that could hurt the Barranquilla native herself, and assured that Gerard is a “super nice and very familiar” person, in addition to giving more statements.

“He treated us very well, with respect and affection, he is a good father who constantly communicates with his children,” he said.

This has caused a series of questions from the public and fans of the “I congratulate you” interpreter, since many believe that the uncle is turning his back on his own family and is defending the famous soccer player.

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