Featherweight in another controversy: he throws a water bottle at a fan during a concert (VIDEO)

Featherweight in another controversy: he throws a water bottle at a fan during a concert (VIDEO)

As part of the tour of Featherweight In the United States, on January 15, the corridos tumbados singer gave a private concert in Arlington, Texas, during which he was seen throwing a glass of water over one of his fans in the front row.

The moment has gone viral on Tiktok and other platforms where Internet users were quick to give their opinion, as many of them considered it to be a gesture of bad taste on the part of the artist.

In the video you can see how “Doble P” carries a bottle of water in his hand while walking along the edge of the stage, when a fan repeatedly touches his legs trying to get his attention, at that moment, Featherweight drops the contents of the bottle on the fan and walks away while continuing with his presentation.

This caused many Internet users to call him “impolite” and that he “disrespected” his fan, while others thought that Featherweight did the right thing Well, they consider the fan was annoying by “groping” the singer’s feet.

What really happened to Featherweight?

Although there is no official version of what happened at the concert, some TikTok users uploaded the same video from different angles, including that of user @keishxmakeup, who commented the following about it:

“Originally, this guy (the fan) pushed his way through the front pushing me and my boyfriend. After this, while Featherweight was performing, he continued to raise his middle finger, insulting him, and yelling during his performance. Finally catching his attention, Peso stared at him and a song later or so, the guy gets what he deserves,” he wrote in the description of his video.

Some of the users who commented on the TikTok video confirmed the version she gave, while others continued to question the facts, arguing that they never heard the insults.

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In another video, you can see the fan in question more closely, who can be seen quite happy and celebrating his moment with Featherweightaccording to the video of user @flacco_81, who also only commented “Peso Pluma throws water at my coworker at his private concert.”

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