Final Fantasy VII Rebirth minigame compared to Pan Piano videos

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth minigame compared to Pan Piano videos

No doubt “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth» is one of the most recent installments that many fans had been waiting for, in the universe of video games, one of the favorite sagas returns with the long-awaited remake of final fantasy VII. With this there are also many adventures in which there are small extras, such as mini-games and one in particular has caused a stir due to its resemblance to videos of a well-known YouTuber.

Tifa from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth plays the piano in minigame

Final Fantasy VII Tifa PianoFinal Fantasy VII Tifa Piano

Not long ago, this installment went on sale, specially released for PlayStation 5 and the best of all is that it is not necessary to have played any other title in the saga, since this one, like some other titles, are developed independently, so it can be enjoyed by those who already know it and by those who do not yet and want to discover a new story.

As is common, in addition to the story or extra missions that are included in video games, there are also minigames, but this time there is one in particular in Final Fantasy VII Rebirthsince it is one that is about playing the piano every time you find it and getting sheet music in various locations on the map.

What has caught the attention of fans is that when seeing different shots of the minigame, they have noticed that it has a certain resemblance to a famous music channel. Youtuberthe talented Taiwanese pianist Piano Breadthe girl who has conquered fans, not only for her performance but also for what has distinguished her, her incredible and revealing outfits that she wears when she plays the piano.

Final Fantasy VII Tifa Piano 1Final Fantasy VII Tifa Piano 1

To play the minigame Final Fantasy VII Rebirthin the first chapter you can find the piano of Tifa in the Lockhart Residence, after exploring the city. While in chapter 6 you can play the minigame when you arrive at the Costa del Sol, playing with Tifa you must find Dorian on the Royal Coast to activate it. Once you complete this chapter you will have the opportunity to get rewards and sheet music for new songs.

The curious thing about this minigame is that the user NeverAwakeMan through Twitter have compared it with the themes that Piano Bread up to Youtube, since the shots are similar. When you’re playing with Tifa Lockhart and gets the scores, when she plays them, the camera focuses on her torso and the rest of her body, something similar to what the famous YouTuber does, when she shows her outfit that highlights her attributes, both her legs, abdomen and chest .

Something that fans couldn’t help but notice and commented that for some time, like in the videos of Piano Bread, They “forgot” that there was a piano and that these are angles necessary for the development of the video game. Furthermore, they do not rule out the idea that the famous YouTuber is already preparing a video inspired precisely by the cowgirl. Tifa of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth with an outfit that has become more and more revealing with each installment, but without a doubt something that has earned her more views and followers who obviously love it.

Final Fantasy VII Pan PianoFinal Fantasy VII Pan Piano

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