Images of the discussion between Jurgen Klopp and Moh Salah in the Liverpool match in the Premier League – La Opinion

Images of the discussion between Jurgen Klopp and Moh Salah in the Liverpool match in the Premier League – La Opinion

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The Premier League championship in England continues to be a highly contested oneespecially the current season and in what is the final stretch of the same where at the moment of subtracting just 3 dates for its conclusion, the pitched battle for first position is still quite fierce.

And a battle that was experienced, rather a crossing, was in the game in which the Liverpool faced West Ham and the duel ended tied at two goals per side, which places the Anfield team two points behind Arsenal in the standings (77 to 75). However, despite how intense and vivid the match was, the spotlight went to two of Liverpool’s greatest figures; Mo Salah and coach Jurguen Klopp.

Confrontation where Núñez had to intervene

Just a few seconds before the locals tied, Moh Salah was getting ready and preparing to enter the playing field when an intense exchange took place with the Liverpool coach, Jurguen Kloop, which also included gestures from the Egyptian striker and a dialogue between the player and his coach. Even Uruguayan striker Darwin Núñez had to mediate the situation and dissuade his teammate in the middle of the confrontation.

After what happened and adding what were the words to the media by Salah and Klopp, a video was leaked on social networks with a scene that could suggest the reason why the crossover between player and coach began. According to information released by The Sun in England, some images recorded by the TV Bein Sports network showed how the Liverpool striker delayed greeting the German coach just at the moment when he approached to squeeze his hand.

After that you can see the exchange of words between both figures and the gestures of the player towards the coach. After the fight, you see a restless Salah who stayed on the other side of the judge in charge of showing the sign with the numbers of the players entering and leaving the game. Furthermore, the reactions to West Ham’s equalizer in the 82nd minute of the match could be seen and the one who complained the most about this result was the Egyptian player.

What happened after the game?

Salah did not want to speak to the press about what happened despite having been questioned, but he released the following phrase: “There will be fire here today if I speak.” A journalist asked him: “Fire?”, to which Mo responded immediately and without any hesitation: “Yes, of course.” The video was recorded by ESPN reporter Joao Castelo-Branco, who reported that the striker was upset for having entered the game so late and that Klopp, for his part, was upset by all the time the Egyptian took to prepare to enter the game. playing field.

Klopp spoke about everything that happened

“If I can say what we said? No, but we already talked about it in the locker room. It is done”. “To be honest, I’m not in the mood to talk about it. We had to win here, we knew it and we didn’t, now we have a little time until the next game. We will try to prepare the boys again and we will do it again,” he said in statements to TNT Sports.

“I’m very disappointed, obviously. I think everyone can see that only one team could win the game, and it is us, with the opportunities we created, with the possession we had, with all the things we did. It was difficult at the end of a period of four games in 10 days, but I think the players did very well,” he concluded in his conversation with the media in London.

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