Florida launches EMPLOYMENT for people who only speak Spanish for $6,000 a week

Florida launches EMPLOYMENT for people who only speak Spanish for $6,000 a week


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Florida has been positioned for a couple of years as one of the focuses of the entire world, because according to the experts, thousands of companies They concentrate in this place of the american union for your incredible economic growth, and even if you don’t believe it, the doors open for thousands of people with various skills and if do you speak Spanish, The best of all is that you could win up to 6,000 dollars a week.

It is worth mentioning that thousands of people face the language barrier when they try to find a employment vacancy in the USAbut this is already getting smaller, since only by the end of 2023 it was announced that in the territory of the Florida little more than four million people are accommodated speaks spanish, and therefore the opportunities of job They are increasingly broader.

And it is that through SimplyHired.com portalit was announced that in Kissimmee, Florida, is requested from a Seller that only I spoke spanish, this with the purpose of offering a much more personalized treatment to the employees of Inventus Corp, who have at least five branches throughout the state and below we will tell you what your activities To make.

Photo: SimplyHired.com portal

In the aforementioned portal, a person is asked to fill the position of Seller, Therefore, you must meet the profile of a proactive, dynamic person with a positive and enthusiastic attitude, willing to learn and help others. customers to have one best advice of home-based products, so if you are interested in this job position we will tell you how you can apply.

What do I need to work in Florida for $6,000 a week?

For people who are interested in this workplacethe company also offers great benefits such as: base salary 4,000 dollars a month salesplus commission, paid training, flexible schedule, excellent short or long term benefits; Likewise, it is not essential to have previous experience, since continuous training is offered. leadership and marketing, and with this you can also acquire bonuses for production, trips and incentives.

It is important to mention that this job vacancy also accommodates the schedules of interested parties, Well, if you are interested, you can choose between full-time, part-time, contract or even commission, and if you are interested you should contact the number: 689-253-7702 for a personal interview; Among the requirements that you must meet to be one of those selected are:

  • Be of age.
  • Have your own car and driver’s license.
  • Legal work permit in the United States.
  • Excellent presentation and ease of communication.


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