Foreign model criticizes the organ grinders: “they turn that box into horrible noises”

Foreign model criticizes the organ grinders: “they turn that box into horrible noises”

A American model who resides in Mexico City was harshly criticized on social networks for uploading a complaint towards the organ grinders.

Through Instagram stories, the model Breanna Claye He complained about the noise of the musicians who mainly play their instruments in the streets of the Historic Center, ensuring that “it doesn’t even sound that good.”

“Giving these people money is like telling them it’s okay for them to pollute with their noise, which is why I don’t do it. Besides, it doesn’t even sound that good,” he wrote.

If that was not enough, the model assured that considers organ grinders the most annoying sound in Mexico and that they only “turn that music box into horrible sounds.”

After his comments, it quickly went viral, because Mexicans did not hesitate to accuse that the modelin addition to causing possible gentrification by living in the capital, criticized the music of popular musicians.

They should have two weights of education and respect for the culture of the country where they are“and” andShe earns more than many of the Mexicans who live here, lives comfortably and still complains about the culture and that it is the person’s job“, are some of the comments that the American citizen received.

The controversy escalated to a level, in which even the agency that represents the model decided to cancel her representation towards Breanna Claye.

“We regret any misunderstanding caused by the recent comment from one of our models and want to make it clear that we do not share her opinion,” the agency said in a statement.

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Something similar happened a few months ago, when the musicians of Yahritza and Her Essence They said in an interview that they did not like Mexican music or the noise of the capital, even though their parents are Mexican and were on tour in this country.

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