Francisca shows her new house – El Diario NY

Francisca shows her new house – El Diario NY

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The Dominican television presenter Francisca has just shared a video on her YouTube channel showing her new house in Miami, Florida.

We must remember that since Francisca announced that she was expecting her second child made it clear that she, and her husband Francesco Zampogna, were looking for a bigger house to live more comfortably.

The route starts from the front patio and explains that they are currently doing renovations at the placeso the tour does not yet show all the definitive details of the Zampogna family’s new home.

“I think there is nothing more exciting than designing the house of your dreams, right?” he said. Francisca while walking through the extensive green areas who has the residence. It should be noted that she always said that she wanted a place with a large patio to watch her two children play.

The house is distributed on one floor and its façade is striking for being painted yellow. From outside he also explains to his followers that his plans include changing the pool that exists now.

You can’t see much of the interior, as everything is still under construction. It even seems that it is going to change parts of the façade. Without a doubt, he is building the house of his dreams.

All spaces are blank, so During the tour he only gave some clues as to where everything would be.. What is evident is that the place is very well lit thanks to its large windows.

“It’s a lot of work, but we’re very excited,” Francisca said at the end of the video. For now we have to wait for the renovation to be completed and surely the presenter will take the official tour of the place.

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