Francisca talks about the arrival of her second child and reveals her greatest fear in motherhood – El Diario NY

Francisca talks about the arrival of her second child and reveals her greatest fear in motherhood – El Diario NY

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Francisca shared the news of Franco’s arrival through her social networks, where she thanked all her followers for their messages of love and good wishes. The driver has expressed on several occasions how happy she is to be a mother and what a blessing it has been for her to have her two children.

“And if you ask me what my biggest fear is with my children, My biggest fear is that my children will grow up disconnected from me. That is what I fear the most, because I know children who are disconnected from their parents who do not have any type of communication and perhaps that is not even that father’s fault, he could have given them what he could have given them at that moment, because, well, one by one “Sometimes it acts depending on the circumstances, with what comes your way in life,” he expressed in ‘HELLO! AMERICAS’.

“A mother of real boys who experiences what true and unconditional love is. Gennaro takes care of me, is jealous of me, loves me. “I would like to give the gift of a girl to Francesco, but if he gets the third, a boy, well… that’s for him to figure out, for him to figure out with his soccer team,” the television host added during the interview. .

The Zampogna family is living this special time, with great joy and fullness, enjoying every moment with little Franco. Francisca has shared photos and videos of the baby on Instagram, showing how cute and cuddly she is and how happy she is to have him in her life.

“It has been a few days of a lot of work… The truth is that having a child and a baby at home is a little complicated, but like all things in life that you start, everything new at first is a little chaotic and then halfway through it gets a little worse (laughs) and then at the end it’s beautiful. We are here, at home, as a family, trying to make everything fit, to find our routine. Franco is a blessing, he has brought so much light and so much joy, the house changes completely,” he said for the aforementioned magazine.

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