Fraud in Miss Universe?  They accuse their trans owner of being a scandalous LIE

Fraud in Miss Universe? They accuse their trans owner of being a scandalous LIE



It was at the end of 2020 when new news shook the world, as the millionaire businesswoman born in Thailand had established itself as the first transgender person in buying the contest miss Universewhich would mark a new era within the Beauty contestsbut now, the 45-year-old woman and her organization are being singled out fraudand this is what is known so far.

Let us remember that since the Thai businesswoman announced her leadership within miss Universehas announced different changes inside of the regulation, so through social networks and international pressA real debate has been generated regarding the changes that have already begun to manifest within the walkways from last year 2023, since in The Savior, the Nicaraguan, Sheynnis Palacios he kept the crown.

For 2004, the organization has now moved up to Mexico, country that is going to host the important beauty contest, and even though the Aztec territory has a new representative, Cynthia de la Vegawho comes to take the place of Lupita Jones of 2023, it will be one of the catwalks that promises to still have great surprises among the 84 participants.

Photo: IG / annejkn.officia

However, this year’s preparation has been completely overshadowed by news that comes to light just a few days before the end of this year. February month, since it has been pointed out to beauty contest now its new owner of fraudbecause apparently a series of videos have been leaked that leave a very bad impression on Anne Jakrajutatip and these are the reasons.

Is Sheynnis Palacios’ reign as Miss Universe in danger?

A couple of days ago, the owner of the contest and Raúl Rocha Cantú, Mexican and co-owner of the brand were placed on everyone’s lips when a series of audios where they would be confirming that the ‘changes’ that have made different people so proud sectors of the populationn they will be part of a simple fraud and would even have revealed the ‘new way’ in which the winner will be chosen.

According to the audios that went around the world, the businessmen would have concluded that the inclusion that has been mentioned so much in the competition would be just a marketing strategy to generate more interest in it contest, but none of these people are going to carry the victory band at some point, since the winner of each year would be the woman who has the most followers on social networks for the day of the Miss Universe coronation.

Photo: IG / annejkn.officia

It is important to mention that since Anne Jakrajutatip became owner of Miss Universeopened the door to much more varied contestants than before the ‘regulation’ did not give authorization: pregnant women, mothers of families, married women, transgender women and even plus size sizes and representatives of different ages, but now, all that is called into question with these audios which supposedly date back to a meeting on 21 October 2023:

“We are going to accept everything, trans women, married women, divorced women, women of different ages is our communication strategy,” said Jakapong; But the worst came when she clarified that this list of inclusions will not receive the crown: “Only among us we know, they can compete, but they cannot win. So we are going to base ourselves on social inclusion and they are going to think: ‘I am part of the organization.’ The obvious reason is inclusion and you already know beforehand who is going to be the winner. But first we have to create the reality show, so that we can sell our products,” said the owner.

Photo: IG / annejkn.officia

Until now, neither owner of Miss Universe not even Mexican delegation of miss Universe have expressed regarding this scandalous news that has shaken the entire world, since there are those who assure that even the crown of it Sheyninis Palacios, He could be part of a fraud due to his Latin descent and to give the reign to a country that had never achieved it.

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